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    check out and read up on Mars led grow lights they work well. BUT a CFL 26 watt 5000K or above works fantastic for seedlings and small plants just keep it 2 or 3 inches directly above each seedling and no further or it will stretch on you,and add more cfl lights as the plant grows start the seedlings in a 16oz party cup with holes in the bottom in a soilless mix with NO FERTILIZER in it or the ferts will toast your seedling and only use RO or distilled water PH'd to 5.8 to 6.3 and keep it in a warm location about 80 no lights on untill you see it has popped threw the soil,keep a clear plastic baggie over the cup with a rubber band holding it tight so moisture and humidity don't escape the cup creating a rounded dome keep it on for the first 36 or 48 hours after the seed popes open then remove , I like to keep the lights on 24 hrs a day for the first several days then 20 hours on 4 off .. and that light on the right is only good for heating= no good,,I would recommend reading on this none stop here at Grasscity and you will be well on your way to a successful growing start
  2. Thanks a bunch all this helped, im going with a 1x 125 watt 6400K cfl and foxfarm ocean forest soil. I plan on using one light frm germ to harvest but next grow will order a 2400k for flower and use the existing 6400k for veg. I would like to know what nutes you recommend? Also would the 12 watt led be better for flower or 125 watt 2400k cfl. Thanks in advance blades

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    NO, that cheap Amazon led will not be enough for anything! If you have an aquarium, and want to show, display your aquarium plants that light would be fine but to VEG a cannabis plant, that led/light won't allow your plant to grow even to 1/10 of it's full potential! As for the other lights you asked about... The TCP, will work for flowering, but if you are using that EXACT blub you will need at least (12) for each plant to get any real yield. The 23 watt westinghouse is also a flowering blub, you will need at leat (6) per plant to get any real yield. The GE 3 way, junk, not good for anything having to do with growing. If you can't afford, or don't want to, buy a real grow light, buy some cheap 23w cfl(s). Buy (9) 23w 6500k for vegging, (3) for each plant, like these. Buy (3) 3 way blub holders, something like this. Then buy (9) 23w 2700k for flowering, like these, (3) for each plant. When you put your plants into flower, use the 2700K blubs over the top of your plants, and then use (3) 6500k(s) for side lighting, set them up in a triangle formation, see attached image..... That the cheapest lighting setup that you can do to cover (3) plants! That will give you and average watts per plant, 58w, usable luminous flux per plant, 3,950, and irradiance will be 25w par if you keep your light(s) no more than (4) inches from your plant.


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  4. Don't even waste your money on that thing. The size and density of your buds are directly proportionate to the amount of light they get during flower. You would be better off to try and flower with a bunch of CFLs instead of that light. To get an LED of any quality, you're going to have to spend some money. If you can't come up with the money for a decent quality LED, your next best option would be to flower with hps. The plants love it and it's about the cheapest form of lighting that gets you a good harvest that I know of. The only problem with hps is the heat that it emits. If you're grow space is limited, you have to have an air cooled hood, duct work and an in-line fan to remove the heat from your flowering space. You can flower with CFLs as well as veg with them. You just have to change the bulbs out to the required spectrum for each. But if flowering with CFLs, be aware that the buds are spindly and arid unless you've got a TON of them in your flower space. Just keep in mind that you get what you pay for when it comes to lighting in this hobby. Don't skimp on it or you'll just end up buying twice. If it's too good to be true, it's probably not true...LOL. This generally holds true for equipment concerned with growing. Look around in the lighting threads on the forum to get a better idea of what's out there and what might work for you. But do your research before you spend any money on lights. If you don't know what you're buying, you just get disappointed most of the time with what you buy. Good luck! TWW
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