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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Kro-Nesis, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. The new batch. Say happy birthday y'all to my new children

    Their named The White Tramps -They took all the life outta me. I’d say about 50-75 days of flowering under a (4) 400w HPS & (4) 400w MH. The surprise is she has a vanilla taste and heavy vanilla smell. My neighbors asked me if I had been baking cakes all day, but truly I was baking my lobes into oblivion. Very strong cerebral high with a twist of couch locking. I only let one plant be pollinated, and got almost 150 good looking seeds. Prices for these simples round these parts starting out at $150/g

    * I live in the f*cking sticks, and the surrounding 25 acres belongs to my grandfather, and he willed it to me. I'm just glad I can be free to do what I want. Besides the fuzz round here are heavy Coke heads, and I have a few pictures of them in action.

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  2. The Vanilla extract really worked well in the watering throughout the last stages of vegging. I was skeptical, but they took in th extract pretty good. I should have taken pictures of the root systems theyt developed, it was like an old hag with lots of strings from her skullpiece.

    Curing with Vanilla beans helped too, and will aid in my inflating pices for inflating high never felt round these hea parts.

    Shot outs to:

    hippie john
    all the cool chick up in here
    and anyone else I forgot to mention

    It's 4:20 and the Smoke break shall commence in 5....4....3....2....1..... (ahh the lovely smell of Vanilla!)
    Mcurry this one's for you kid, preciate the help!
  3. Those look beautiful.

    *needs napkin for drool*
  4. @Hempress
    I appreciate that lady, I'm kinda ghosted right now though!
  5. how much vanilla did you use?
  6. god damn they look!....i like i've never heard of vanilla beans, all we got is vanilla essence, for kooking.......i'll need to give that a go sometime Kro, i thought you hadn't been around for a while, now i know up the good work......Peace out........Sid
  7. DAMN!!!!!......DAMN!!!..... very nicly done

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