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  1. a 3 1/2 week old that is just now starting its 12/12 cycle for flowering...


    should i use nutrients? (if so what kind?)(when do i start and stop using them?)
    is breathing on it a legitimate source for co2?
    when should i go back to 18/6 from 12/12?

    any extra advice ... (even if unnecessary) is still appreciated
  2. That's 3.5 weeks old? Dude... serious growth problems, I'd say. Looks about 1.5 weeks old. Check your pH and increase light. Also, REMOVE THE FOIL!
  3. Wow, i don't know what to say..... The light you are using is totally off because that pair of leaves on top should be level with the first set of seedling leaves
  4. oh btw.. the plant started all the way from the bottom of the red cup.. its actually allot taller i just put soil realy high up on the plant...
  5. and why is foil a bad idea? it makes the light hit the plant from all directions besides just from above
  6. dont know where to start man..
  7. some people think it creates hotspots on the plant, causing light burns possibly..

    I dont know if i agree with it or not, as i've never expereinced it myself.. plus with such low wattage foil should be fine
  8. k so now i'v figured im keeping the foil... so what elsE?
  9. If it started at the bottom of the cup and it IS a lot bigger, A get it in a larger container pretty quick.

    should i use nutrients? (if so what kind?)(when do i start and stop using them?)
    I'm not exactly sure about this, I grow hydro, but I think your okay without nuetes till your bottom leaves start to yellow.

    is breathing on it a legitimate source for co2?

    when should i go back to 18/6 from 12/12?
    um, don't? 12/12 for 8 weeks or so I would have let it get a bit larger before I flowered it. (if size isnt a problem) Also this could add much stress to your little baby, increasing your chances of a hermi(seeing your growing only 1 plant, start praying to da ganjagods)

    and why is foil a bad idea?
    Light burn, I wouldnt be worried about it with just that one light it'll probably help.
    any extra advice ... (even if unnecessary) is still appreciated
    *deep breath* *loads bowl* *smokes it*:smoke:

    I'd add more wattage to your settup. if not getting a much larger light above your plant, you could easily drill some cfl fixtures in the sides. ALSO get that light closer to your plant(if it's a cfl bulb) Also let us know some more information. What kind of soil are you using? bulb type? source of seed? watering habits? also, i'd suggest you get a soil ph tester make sure everything is okay.
    If anyone notices false information please let me know.
    Good luck man, keep on pluggin, only way to learn is live! the more love(And money) you put into your baby the better you'll do.:smoke::smoke:
  10. Your putting it on 12/12 already? Damn bro.. you'd only yield a few grams.
  11. in the end i only want like an ounce...
    i should have mentioned that before but i dont plan on getting a qp or anything...
    in this case is it ok for me to start flowering soon so i can get bud sooner?
    or will it not grow bud if i start flowering too soon?
  12. even a half o would be fine for this plant
  13. Foil absorbs more light than it reflects. Don't use foil. Maybe search the sticky threads. Looks like you need to get a little more education on the subject. Everything you need to know can be fond with the search button.

    This sweet tooth is only 1wk older than your plant

    HKWRSTJH 034.jpg
  14. If that thing flowers beautifully for 8 weeks from here on out you'd be very lucky for an 1/8th. You need to veg it under 18/6 for a lot longer until it is taller, then throw it into flower. Too late now it looks, good luck, and you'll need more lights. What type of bulb are you using now?
  15. its a halogen plant light

  16. read all the grow guides u can my good man.
  17. yeah dude i don't mean to be a dick here at all, but here's the best advice you'll hear:

    step 1: START's useless.
    step 2: RESEARCH...get a book, search the forum, search google. there is a ton of fantastic info out there (remember that the information on how to grow weed isn't illegal, so you can go down to your local borders or barne's & noble and get a book about it).
    step 3: PLANT SEVERAL NEW need a female, which isn't gaurenteed with only one plant.
    step 4: don't get discouraged. growing weed isn't simple, but it ain't rocket science either. it just takes the know-how, a little investment and some patience.

    seriously though, just toss the plant and start over. best of luck to you.
  18. naw dude im just gonna keep it 18/6 for awhile i guess and then once it gets big enough i'll actually start flowering... i guess its just gonna take a lot longer due to conditions but im still not giving up ... its not the worst start ... at least its not dying...

    i did replant it in a different container with more soil and more space and i took the foil out completely i'll start another thread just like this one in a couple weeks and you guys can see if it actually comes through with bud :)
  19. Nail on the head there boyo.

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