Check it out guys everything look good?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Herballegend420, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. Been flowing now for about 3 weeks let me know 20190809_143328.jpg 20190809_143326.jpg 20190806_095618.jpg
  2. Looks good to me......nice work
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  3. Looks ok .hairs are a little brown for 3 weeks.... Been rainy or windy at all? Been touching the buds at all?(I do
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  4. Yes it's been windy a bit but I figured itd be good to stress it a little no?
  5. Yes wind is ok cuz it's natural. Keep on truckin!
  6. Also would it still be alright to continue to spray with neem oil or should I stop that completely?
  7. You don't want the neem ON the buds, but leaves and stems would still be safe .
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  8. One more thing. I was thinking about doing one last transplant. From these 5 gallons to 10 gallon smart pots. Let me know cause I feel like my roots are out growing these 5 gallon pots.
  9. It's in it's 3rd week of flowering.....I DO NOT recommend transplanting at this point! I wouldn't if it were my plant.
  10. 20190812_124304.jpg 20190812_124253.jpg
  11. Think they will finish properly in these though?

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