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  1. YouTube - Kanaal van wackydurgee

    there is one video and there are...about 5 plants. 3 are healthy as hell, just gotta add some nitrogen to the soil. one other is doing ok...and the last is sort of being shaded out. my first outdoor grow, just trying to figure out when to harvest. any feedback? opinions? i may add a tablespoon of molasses to a gallon and water each plant but other than that, i'd like to thank those in advance who give input :D
  2. And also those first pics are from a week before the higher quality pics.
  3. nitrogen is not what a flowering plant needs. it needs phosphorous and potassium. the nitrogen it does need it can pull from the good ol earth. hit them with some bloom fertilizer that is high in P and K example 10-54-10 by shultz. it's called bloom plus. whatever instructions are on the bottle, start with 1/4 the recommended dose. after a few days you can add a lil more, but keep a close watch on them for signs of nutrient burn. good luck, plants look good!
  4. ahhh. i read in another article that the guy's stems were going purple and someone suggested that. i'll try to find that at a local store and if not, ill get equivalent ratios. Thank you so much!
  5. pretty much any blooming fertilizer should work, just be careful, because overdosing them at this point would ruin your harvest. you could alternatively search here on grasscity for an organic bloom fertilizer, perhaps there's some recipes you can make out of items that are at your home now. organic ferts would be better anyway because you'd be less likely to over fert. :p good luck!

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