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  1. Hey, recently I've bought some weed and It's had the symptoms of contaminated/sprayed weed - Hard ash, unordinary smell, extinguishes quickly - which downright sucks and ruins your whole eve, so I just wanted to be sure about it first before I throw it all away.
    Someone told me a good way to check it is to boil some water and throw a little nug in, that way all the chemicals should float off. I did just that a moment ago but I'm still not sure if what happened is normal or if it's really the chemicals that dissolved from the nug.
    Here are the pictures.

    You can see there's a layer of oily substance on the surface, when i put the nug in the boiling water for the first time you could litarally see some transparant stuff coming of.
    My biggest concern is the white powder that has formed against the sides of the glass, it's been about 2 hours since I left it and when I checked back on it that was the result.

    The water also turned pretty cloudy and there are some white dots on the bottom.

    Anyone experienced enough to tell me what's wrong if anything? I could also get some weed that I know is 100% clean, do the test again and compare but I'd rather hear from you guys first obviously.

    Thanks in advance

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    The temperature of the water likely melted your trichomes so I don't think you can say 100% that all that residue is negative. It could totally be residual pesticide oils too but I think it's hard to say for sure.

  3. Hmm, so in your opinion the white stuff against the side of the glass could also be completely natural? That was the decisive factor for me to believe something was actually put on it.
    Also sorry for the ridiculously large photo's, I just saw that other thread about cropping and resizing.
  4. My opinion is non flushed and still wet
  5. No idea about it being flushed/non-flushed but it's def not wet weed
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    I sometimes water cure cannabis. I use lukewarm water, not boiling, but I have never seen anything like that leach out of my cannabis. Sorry I can't help with an answer. I'd like to know, too.
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    I'm curious as to the point of the water being boiling hot. If a chemical has been sprayed onto the weed at some point, then room temp water should reveal it just as easily. When things reach boiling temp, it's hot enough to start making changes on the weed itself. It's impossible to know if the heat is causing the natural weed or THC to react somehow, change form, melt, etc. The water idea is great, just not boiling it. As for the white residue you're seeing there on the glass, that may have nothing to do with weed. You could have hard water and that could be dried minerals from the boiling water. You may not have noticed that your water does that when it's boiling hot as most people don't put boiling water in clear glass.

    Going forward I'd try this again without boiling water, and I'd also boil water exactly as you did this time and put it in a glass without weed to see if it leaves a white residue. Because to me, that residue actually looks like mineral deposits on the rough interior of a glass more than anything else.

  8. You made some pretty logical points whereof i don't understand i didn't think about. I did excactly what you said and these are the results.

    The first glass i filled with warm tap water and i threw in another little nug, nothing happened and after 3+ hours no sign of any residue.
    Second glass I just filled with boiling water didn't leave the white powder on the side, so it's definitely caused by the weed, however i still don't know if it's a normal reaction caused by the boiling water breaking down the weed itself or something. It did however leave the white stuff on the bottom like with the original glass so that's one less thing to worry about.
    Third glass was glass from before, i took the nug out and dried it, it shrunk to about 1/3th of the original size, still gonna try and smoke it later heh.

    Yesterday i still smoked a couple joints of it and i think i might've been a little too paranoïd, ashes were still hard and you could hear the sizzling sound a little harder than normal but it didn't hurt my throat or anything and i still got pretty baked.
    All in all it's not that big of a deal anymore, my #1 contact is back in town so i might just try the boiling water with a 100% clean nug again and post results for those interested but other than that it's all fine now. Thanks everyone for helping me out.

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  9. Classic too wet weed. Won't stay lite, hard ash, smells odd, sizzling when burned from the moisture. May feel dry on the outside, doesn't mean it is inside. You're seeing minerals in the water after boiling it. Also looks like some oils that were pulled out if the bud. No need to waste weed boiling it. Its completly pointless for anyone to spray it. Cuts into profits.

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  10. Yep, confirming my thought about being too paranoïd, thanks!

  11. sounds sprayed to me.. and Killset surely if its sprayed it weighs more so it sells for more that the whole idea..

  12. And what the heck would they "spray" it with? Come on now! Anyone who is worth a damn as a grower knows that if you don't do a proper flush at the end of a non organic grow that the end result is bud that 1) burns with a black or dark gray ash 2) won't stay lit 3) is very harsh. These are all things the O.P. talked about.

    At the end of the day the O.P. got his hands on some bud from a grower at either didn't know what they were doing or they just didn't care and are in it just for the money.
  13. Sorry but ive never seen any of that.. flushing is a myth..besides how does flushing rid the plant itself of nutrients when all your doing is flooding the nutrients out of the soil.. nutrients get transformed into usable energy, flushing does nothing. Unless you overfeed or something. People do spray chemicals all day, very harmful but it keeps the insects away. Unless you grew it yourself expect it to be sprayed with something that shouldn't be used.
  14. Floramite, avid, eagle 1, are just a few of a long list harmful things that may be on your nuggs.
  15. Flushing is FAR from a myth. Think outside the box....not everyone is growing in soil.
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  16. True, I Apologize, point taken.

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