cheating in relationships

Discussion in 'General' started by sassafrasquatch, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. this is about the worst thing one could do to another without like physically hurting them. recently i have had a little case of this. it is the worst feeling ever. just feels like you are the lowest person on the planet, and you want to just die because of all the lies. i always tell the person im dating right at the start. i say "if your going to cheat on me, just break up with me first because it hurts so much less". But some people are just entirely inconsiderate and self centered. yes it happened to me just recently. and ill say it again to all those people who would even consider cheating, weather intentionally or unintentionally - just end it before that happens. have some fucking respect and cut your date a break, and end it before that happens. i would rather die than put someone else through what im feeling, and i know that there are at least a few out there that know exactly what im talking about...
  2. Yeah, cheating is horrible, if i know i can't stay faithfull to a girl a let them know straight up that are relationship is not exlusive.

    If i am dating a girl and she is going to cheat, just let me know that its not exlusive and i am cool with it, but its a two way street so don't be pissed if i hook up with another girl.

  3. how ironic. I was just thinking about this today at work..
    I was thinking the same thing as well, tell the person, if you EVER think of cheating..just break it off with me. I dont know if I ever would say such a thing, but I know I couldnt bear having that certain someone cheating on me. My fragile lil heart would crumble, my world, fueled by all my heart would be crushed. Im sorry you had to go through that sass, time will heal, though it may not feel like it now. I send you good healing feelin vibes your way.
  4. Sorry I didn't mean for it to happen !!! lol

    No really sorry for that, I'm actualy guilty of trying to justify seeing three girls at once by saying that they all got what they wanted,, me.

    I know that's extremely arrogant but that is how I used to think,they never knew about each other,they all seemed happy with me and I did tell them that I was in no hurry to get tied down.

    I am a bit of a cold hearted SOB so I don't really regret the way I was, but I do understand the hurt I caused a couple of people and I am sorry for them (even though one of them did try to kill me with her car) and I have changed.

    I know that the girl I am with at the moment would take it hard if I were to cheat but the wierd thing is that for the first time in my life I don't even think about it, I do love her and she deserves better than the old me so I suppose the new me is here to stay.

    Don't all string me up at once.
  5. Roses on White Lace - Alice Cooper.

    I saw you in your wedding gown
    The prettiest dress
    I came into the room that night
    And made such a mess
    In my own way, I lovingly kiss the bride
    With your ring in your hand
    Your eyes and your mouth open wide

    In my eyes
    Blood drops look like roses on white lace
    They won't wash away
    In my mind they're roses on white lace
    Straight from the heart
    So dead upon the bed

    You hurt me in the deepest way
    I'm crippled inside
    I took your evil skin away
    It's all cut and dried
    I saw you tonight and carefully took your hand
    With some smears on my cheeks
    I knew that you would understand

    In my eyes
    Blood drops look like roses on white lace
    They won't wash away
    In my mind they're roses on white lace
    Straight from the heart
    So dead upon the bed, still searching for your head

    They're never gonna find your face
    It's hidden away
    I found a very special place where you used to play
    In my own way, I lovingly kiss the bride
    With your ring in your hand
    Your eyes and your mouth open wide

    In my eyes
    Blood drops look like roses on white lace
    They won't wash away
    In my mind they're roses on white lace
    Straight from the heart
    Blood drops look like roses on white lace
    Crimson and sweet, stained on the sheet
    Roses on white lace, pretty in red, dripping and wet
    Roses on white lace, spilled on the walls, dark in the hall

    Dark I know, but the ultimate revenge on a cheat on the eve of her wedding.

    Anyone recognise the feeling that you could do just about anything to pay someone back for the dirty deeds they have done to you?
  6. funny im reading this now because i just hooked up with a girl who has a boyfriend at her pool tonight...

    yeah, i knew she had one, but the thing is he doesnt even pay attention to her. More than one time has she called me up crying about him not going anywhere with her, and ignoring her when they're togeather...

    She called me up around 8 or so wanting to do something since she was bored and had nowhere to go. I left my friends i was with since they didn't really want another head (we were smoking). I took her out to get something to eat, and then she wanted to go swimming afterwards around 10, i agreed.

    So we're at the pool (we're the only ones there, its in her apartment complex) and she starts telling me how lonely she is and whatnot. She goes to kiss me, i kiss her back, and the one thing leads to the other kinda situation occurs.

    I don't feel the least bit bad about it either...

    Sorry for the drawn out reply, i just wanted to justify myself...
  7. fuck i hate when that happens.... dont know how it happend but i just lost a page full of writing... well i just went through that, a few days ago actually... girlfriend cheated on me with a good friend on mine, then comes to my house to smoke with me the day after... i really wanna fight him... dont know if i can even take him but i just feel used and im still crazy about my ex.. but it just pisses me off... meh.. gunna go smoke... a lot
  8. wow seems to be a lot of cheating going on lately, around here as well.... well i guess I might as well share my story as well

    Tonight I found out one of my friends is cheating on one of my other friends (whom I just happen to like as more then a friend). Crazy thing is, the both know that the other one is there. One is so crazy in love with the guy that she just won't break it off with him, and the other just wants him because hes not available (and shes a little slut). So now lucky me gets to decide if I want to tell this girl I like that her b/f is cheating on him, which I really should because we are really good friends and I don't like seeing her hurt, but that would be betraying my other good friend, that dumbass that decided to cheat.... .damn, what a mess.

    moral: don't fucking cheat, like everyone else said
  9. That happened to me once. I wanted to punch the bitch in the face.

    It hurts. The end.

  10. now that is some fucked up shit right there lol. that is one tough situation man, and im sorry you have to be in the middle of it, but at least you arent the one hurtin. yeah im glad everyone agrees that cheating is bad, and even those people who did it wouldnt do it again. just goes to show nothing good can come out of it.
  11. cowofsteel, here's a quote I really enjoy.

    "Don't flatter yourself that friendship authorizes you to say disagreeable things to your intimates. The nearer you come into relation with a person, the more necessary do tact and courtesy become. Except in cases of necessity, which are rare, leave your friend to learn unpleasant things from his enemies; they are ready enough to tell them."
    - Oliver Wendell Holmes

    You can take it any way you wish. At this time is may be of necessity to tell her. Depends how you feel about it. Personally I would go to the cheating friend first, and talk to him about it. Try to get him to admit it to her. If he becomes difficult, don't hesitate to tell her. For conscience and karma sake, don't allow your feelings for her other than a friend make your choice for you. And don't lie to yourself about your reasoning for telling her if you do.
  12. "Hey Joe" by Jimi Hendrix.......Dont touch my fuckin woman man......Dont really care what happens just dont do it.....

    I guess cheating is handled differently in different parts of the world......

  13. That quote means more to me then you know. I've been trying to decide what to do for a while now, and that quote has influenced my decsion a lot. Telling her would just my way of trying to get her away from him (but she really should, the guy isn't in it like she is), but on the other hand I do want to tell her because I'm sure he won't and I can't stand to see shit like this going on...
    I figure I'll tell him he has two days to tell her or I'm going to and that's that. Really sucks though because I doubt I'll be going to see Phish anymore on the 26th, but that doesn't really matter as much to me.

    Damn, cheating goes on way too much around the city lol
  14. damn, i just got a new story on the subject, hah...

    well i was driving around with a friend of mine when she mentioned this guy i kind of knew and i said, oh, isnt that the guy that my ex cheated on me with? well, i said that half jokingly, and she said, yup! It was like a slap in the face. Then she was surprised that i didnt know about it, and how a lot of my other friends even knew about it. Even if it was a little while ago, it still sucks knowing that it did happen...

  15. You may be suprised at how much I know it means to you, because it's ment a lot to me. But I realized, after you allow the enemy of your friend tell them what's up, they need a friend to tell them too. I have a really good friend I care about. I have been put in the position of just being her friend. Though she has a lot of feelings for me and I have a lot of feelings for her. I've been in situations like this before, but in this one I've done my best to learn from it. Also, not only teach myself, but try to teach her.

    Throughout her life she has been in abusive relationships, with either older guys or guys her age. Which could be explained by a lack of a father figure, and when she does see her dad, he's abusive.

    It took me awhile to really figure out what to do, but eventually I got it. She's realizing that she is making mistakes by dating the kind of guys she does. I told her for every guy she dates she takes a step forward and two steps back. She took it to heart; thought about it; realized it was true and exercised her new found knowledge by turning down an ex-boyfriend who used her. I couldn't be anymore happy about it.

    While I try to help her so she will like me more, so she'll understand I care about her. I also help her because I realize I may never ever date her. So I want to know she's making the right decisions, and finding a guy that will treat her right, possibly better than I could.
  16. I do not like cheatererererers.

  17. Cow...good luck with this. Just be very careful. Dude could turn this around on you in a heartbeat. He could go to his girl right after you say this and tell her that you're going around talking shit saying that he's cheating when he's not....anything to cover his ass. (Make you look bad to make himself look better.) I've learned the hard way that it's best to just tell whoever, whatever...straight up. Whatever you do, though...good luck. :)

    Sassafras....I'm sorry someone cheated on you. I'm with the majority in that I believe that if someone is going to cheat that they should just go ahead and break it off with the one in order to be with the other. That's not how it usually works though and someone's heart get's you know. :(

    Just know that there's someone else out there for you. Someone better and more deserving of your love. :)
  18. cowofsteal

    i'd have to say spill ur guts. to me, nothing hurts more than when something is goin on behind ur back and not even a friend tells u aboot it. everyone else seems to know but ur in the dark. that chick would be pissed to find out that u knew and didn't tell her...........yet, this fellow is ur friend's a toughy, but i'd have to agree with rmjl.

    i just went went through a situation not quite the same, but people who i thought were my friends didn't say a word to me. all this shit goin on behind my back, i had no idea. it still bothers me. now this one person i've known pretty much my whole life, i never want to see him again. he could rot in hell for all i care. he should of told me. i asked him repeatedly. and he just walked right into my house and lied to me,right to my face. what a foker. i have no use for scum.
  19. thats another thing that pisses me off... lying... i would have had her at least cheat then tell me... but the next day she came over with the guy!?! used to be my friend... and she just didnt tell me... i dunno.. just felt used..

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