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Cheating and not telling

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Lilpaypay24, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. If you cheat like full out cheat on someone and don't ever tell them is that wrong? Like what they dont know won't kill them you know. And u have to live with the guilt and stuff does it make u a bad person?
  2. cheating in general is bad imo. If you need to cheat why are you with that person? And yes, i would say not telling them is worse because atleast if you tell them that gives them the chance to analyze it and see if they want to stay with you or not... and if they do stay with you then that shows they care for you more than you know
  3. "Do unto others as you would have them unto you." Only you can really decide if its immoral not to tell
  4. I could not do that; unethical.
  5. Yeah what they wont know wont hurt them, but you'll both be living a lie.
  6. Tell... or not tell. Do whichever that makes you feel better.
  7. cheating is bad. And if you keep it a secret, its gonna come back and bite u in ur ass when u find out your partner cheated on you too. A cheating person is a no no
  8. great input!!!


  9. It's hard to tell, does that mean it IS a sarcasm, or it ISN'T a sarcasm?

  10. I'll never understand how someone can cheat, let alone cheat without feeling guilt. Even the thought of cheating on my boyfriend makes me sick.. and I'd physically have to tell him. I couldn't be with him. Why be with someone if you want to be fucking someone else? Clearly there must be problems if you want to be with other people as well.
  11. ..... Is this a joke? Sometimes I wonder about some of you....

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  12. The fuck!? Is this a trick question?

    Someone didn't watch enough disney movies as a child.
  13. LOL dude cheating to begin with is immature and cowardly. it basically means you dont have the balls or decency to break up with the person to their face.

    grow a sac...
  14. Cheating is ethically wrong, imo. lying about it is even worse
  15. Lilpaypay at it again.

    Nahh but cheating is wrong and so is not telling, but if I was married or something and my husband cheated once, but would never do it again Id rather they just keep it to themselves. Because once I find out its over.

    I cheated on one dude when I was younger. And I got cheated on many times in return. I could never cheat on anyone now though. Its so shitty and pointless and I know how it feels to be cheated on so Id never put anyone through that.
  16. Karma comes back around yo
  17. its means your a whore
  18. I think you have a responsibility/obligation to live with the guilt. Or tell your significant other, and they should leave you. Cheaters don't deserve a 2nd chance.
  19. I always tell.
  20. The rule doesn't really work for masochists. It also encourages rape since I want a lot of girls to have sex with me, so if I use the rule then I have sex with them?

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