Cheated on my girlfriend

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  1. Back over the summer, me and my girl of two years now were going through some rough times, and i had a best friend that was a girl that i would smoke with. I had feelings for her for a while, she had hinted at me that she did too. One day when we were smoking, she kissed me, i kissed her back. After that, she came to my house and smoked and i made out with her in my bed. I was so confused, i didnt know why i was doing that because i love my girl, but i had strong feelings for the other girl too. I came to my senses and stoped all contact with the girl i cheated with. But now almost half a year later, i havent told my girlfriend. Im not proud of this at all. Ive fucking cried so many nights because of this shit. Im better then this. I would never want this to happen to me and god i cant even imagine what my girl would do if she found out. I would want her to break up with me. I just cant take what her reaction is going to be. I know its going to break her heart, and shes been soo fucking good to me man. I love this girl to death and i know i messed up bad. I cant ever justify what i did, i cant ever be sweet enough to make it up. I really love this girl, and i fucked up. I know you guys are going to call me names, i understand. What would you do if you were in my shoes?
  2. if you really loved her you would tell her the truth, no matter if she breaks up with you or not.
  3. Dude.... how long we're you together when it happened!?
  4. Your lungs don't realize how good the taste of oxygen is until they miss it the most. If all you did was make out with another girl, honestly express your love to your gf. Make sure she's not on her period though. Best of luck.

  5. What do you think she was doing?
  6. Your girlfriend didn't wonder why you all of a sudden quit talking to your best friend?

    Do what you know is right. That's what determines a person's character. Everyone makes mistakes, but owning up to them is a different story.

    Tell her. Don't fucking wait around any longer. Just tell her. Chances are she probably knows, but didn't want to believe it.

  7. So, like a year and a half.

    It's really up to you. If you know it was a mistake and it won't happen again, I don't see why you would say anything.

    It's just going to fuck up your relationship even though you already know how big of a mistake it was.
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    I agree with this as fucked up as it seems, I know you feel awful but that is exactly my point. You get it was wrong and you feel awful, what more punishment do you need? I mean you all didn't have sex so I wouldn't say shit. I made a two thousand something dollar error at work in november that I noticed in January. I didn't say shit even though I fucked up, why? Because I felt awful for it and straightened up by doing my shit right and actually checking it after.
  9. Goddamn dude you only made out with her AFTER SHE initiated it. Grow a pair and stop crying yourself to sleep, and tell your girl.
  10. Guy Code:

    Dont say anything.
  11. I might not agree with this an hour from now, a day from now, a month from now, etc. But if you really love her and you realized it was a mistake and you know that you'd never do anything like that again, then I'd keep it a secret. Learn from it, and go to your grave with it.

  12. Guy Code:

    Dont say anything
  13. I'm actually starting to agree with not telling her.

    It happened 6 months ago, when you too were on the rocks, and you only made out with her, after SHE started it.
  14. Dude, don't tell her. Just chalk this up to a lesson learned, shower her with love and affection and, most importantly, massages.

    If you tell her it WILL change this relationship. You fucked up, but guess what, you also realized your mistake and came up with the solution. You don't talk to this girl, you know how to avoid this is the future.

    Sometimes our loins will make decisions our minds don't agree with. That doesn't mean your girlfriend should suffer, because she ultimately will for no reason.

    What will owning up to it really get you? You'll lose her trust, which will strain, if not ruin, your relationship and you're still going to feel bad.
  15. A lot of mixed replies. I honestly would never do this again. I don't know why i did. I feel like your right about me telling her and it fucking up the relationship. I really love this girl, and want things to be right. Ive dated a lot of girls but never felt the way i do with this one. Cheating was a fuck up. But if i tell her it will never be the same, she will never trust me again.
  16. Don't tell her, if you do tell her and she doesnt end it w/ u that means she cheated. So either way it ends bad if you tell her.
  17. I would normally be the first to say honesty, but here in this unique instance I would say no. If you can't live with yourself then go ahead, before you do though take a step back and ask yourself what it is going to accomplish. We all have things we have to come clean about to others in order to live happily. But some things are best left unsaid, you love her and you want to be with her only. That is all that matters, be happy with her and stop dwelling on the past before you don't have her at all.
  18. I would say don't tell her, as well, if you're truly sorry. What she doesn't know won't kill her. When I cheated on my girl by kissing another girl, most of the responses were not to tell her, I did. We got back together but broke up shortly after. It probably won't be the same if you did, its your relationship. I would sure like to see the responses, if the genders were switched though ahaha

  19. Well, you know mine would be the same. :)

    But you're right. The other night some chick made a thread about purely setting herself up for temptation and people had all types of nasty things to say to her. It's really fucking funny.
  20. Don't say shit ever! And deny everything....ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!! Anyone who says tell her is stupid, and keep a lock on your phone just in case she's one of those snoopy types. My ex girl my heart would drop when I woke up and realized that phone wasn't in my pocket...

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