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  1. So I have been in a relationship for about a year now and just a few weeks ago I came back in contact with an old friend. I had seen her working at in n out at which point I learned she was moving soon to Las Vegas so I told her we needed to hang out before she left. (To give a bit of background her and i use to flirt a lot in high school and we're sort of like best friends in a way because we connected so well but never did anything but hold hands while she had a boyfriend.) Anyway later that week she started texting me around 10:30 pm and we started to talk about how we wished we could have done so many things (relationship wise) then to my surprise she told me to come outside and she was waiting for me outside her car with her brother and pretty much just wanted to talk. She said she needed to take her brother and car home so I offered to follow her and take her some place to smoke in my car and she agreed. After she dropped off the car and her brother I took her to a nice low key view and smoked with her and talked about random things but we were connecting on an entirely new level. Way more than I have ever connected with my girlfriend and she ended up kissing me then we went back to my car and had sex. During this time I had left the radio on so when I was about to take her home I realized I killed the battery to my car and we ended up cuddling and spending the night in the back seat until my friend could jump start my car in the morning. Since then she moved to Las Vegas and I am still with my girlfriend but, I never felt guilt or regretted that night. I have actually felt happier than normal. Is that wrong ? The connection that me and that girl had made me feel as if us hooking up was inevitable. I don't know you guys. I just wanted to share this to get some of your thoughts or comments. Help me gain insight into my situation maybe ?

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    Life is long and you are young my friend. Enjoy these moments to the best of your abilities. Broken hearts are bad news...BUT, the good news is that you haven't broken any...yet. Keep your mouth shut on this one and tell your current girlfriend nothing. NADA. Zip. Keep the good memories inside and resist the temptation to spill your beans. Soon enough you will meet someone you believe to be perfect, you will get engaged, the families will get involved, marriage will be inevitable and then you will have major responsibilities....looking years down the road...and not many I am afraid, you will grow miserable, your "perfect girl" will gain pounds, her tits start to sag, she will begin to believe that she is a Lord over your every spare moment and more, you might get a few kids and then you realize that this is the miserable prison you have built for yourself...out of hope, dreams and "love" . The love you feel for your children will pale all else into oblivion and the "love" you once felt for that "perfect girl" will fade into reality, that being some sort of mutual compromise or peace treaty at best....forget blow jobs, forget romance, forget everything you once held dear except a lifetime of drudgery and near slavery to feed, house , clothe and educate your brood...and hopefully your wife will lend a hand along the way between browbeatings and bleating.   Ya got that to look forward to. Good luck in life young feller. Enjoy these moments. This too shall pass.
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  3. From a girl's point of view... should you have done it? Nope. But it seems like your current relationship isn't very commited and probably won't lead to marriage. My advice is to keep your mouth shut, she moved so it won't happen again. No need to break your current girlfriend's heart. 
  4. I think it says something about your current relationship that you don't feel guilty at all. Remember, your girlfriend is a person with a mind and a soul and she doesn't deserve to be strung along. You have two healthy options in my opinion, if you want to stay with her in a relationship that will lead to a future, you need to tell her what happened. If you don't, it will forever be something keeping you two from becoming closer.
    If you don't want a future with your girlfriend, you need to leave. Do not leave that poor girl hanging on for something that isn't going to happen. Would you want someone you loved to do that to you? Regardless of what you do, don't make cheating a habit. Good luck, man.

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  5. Once you get old enough you figure out that EVERYONE cheats...cheats at school, cheats in relationships, cheats at nearly everything were it is possible to do so where there is what you percieve to be little chance of being caught out. Cheating and then figuring out it's just not worth it comes with the wisdom of age....or maybe its just not giving a of those two.
  6. To my shame i do it all the time lol
    I honestly just cant help myself. Been caught out 3times now lol

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  7. Karma's a bitch.
  8. it's fucked up to cheat. but fuck it, it happened. just don't let it happen again. you probably won't be as lucky next time
  9. Don't beat yourself up about it.  Just roll with it and don't tell your girlfriend anything.  Doing that might make you feel better but, it just inflicts pain upon her.
    We all haul our own freight, it is unkind to dump it upon others.
    Sex happens.  You did it but, you did not invent it.
  10. I disagree totally with this. Not EVERYONE cheats. Some people truely have morals and beliefs that you don't do something if you KNOW it's wrong. 
  11. Your feeling aren't "wrong"

    What is the deception. Think about your current gf.

    The best thing for her would be to leave her

  12. Sure, you might know SOMEONE that doesn't cheat ....EVER....but if you believe for an instant that the exception proves the rule than you have a lot of growing up to do. People cheat...always have, always will. I dont cheat now for many reasons...some good, some just lazy and selfish. Morality shifts like the ultimate unshiftable morality is for the immortals and as far as I can see doesnt exist. Knowing something is wrong doesnt mean it wont be smoking reefer...thats wrong according to the laws and morals of the lands we live in...yet you do it....whats up with that Preacher Man?
  13. Don't leave might be a perfect bone marrow match and she might one day need your bone Ya never know. We all need someone.
  14. You sir are very jaded.

    A sort of stoney internet version of Detective Rustin Chole.

    I fuckin love it.
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    Look dude I never said anything about any exception to any rules. I was only saying that not ALL of humanity does shitty stuff. And the only thing I am preaching it peace, love and CONSIDERATION for your fellow human beings. Is anyone perfect? Nope. But what's wrong with striving for perfection even if you know you will never achieve it.  Humanity is pretty much doomed because people believe that this type of behavior is OK. And congrats on not cheating now. Its never too late to change your life! Peace, love and good weed sent to you!  :love:   :bongin: Edited to add I am grown both in age and maturity I'm 31 man. 
  16. Thanks...sad thing is, I had to fu**ing Google that to see who you were on about...then I realized it was my favorite charachter from my favorite TV series last year. They are going to make more this year...can't wait..hope the next series is just as trippy.
  17. sounds like you're with the wrong girl.
  18. I hate cheaters..
  19. Too much hate in this world. Don't hate the cheater hate that they cheated. 
  20. You just contradicted yourself lol, your still hating someone and hating a cheater that cheated is the same thing?

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