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  1. Has anyone here dealt with  I'm thinking of ordering from them soon because their prices are INSANELY cheap.  They only have three strains, but hey, quality over quantity right?
    Just looking for some feedback and to spread the savings if it ends up being legit.

  2. No name strains, so cheap to believe, yeah go ahead and tell us all about it 
  3. yep they look legit to me -
    Seriously, they have three unknown strains, they accept paypal through a personal account and constantly refer to their seeds as "pre-feminized" 
    I think these are up there with other greats like AMS,  Buydutchseeds and the great breeder doggies nuts.

    Read that again.  Are you in search of cheap, or quality.  Think you got your lines crossed a bit with that first post. Lol.
    Me personally, I wouldn't expect much.  You want to fill your grow space with cheap seeds?  
    Best of luck, let us know how it goes.


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