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  1. what is the cheapest way to grow? what i mean is what is the lowest watt i can use and cheapest light to run? Im not trying to grow big giant bushy plants off 1000 watt plants until i got money so how would i do this? Also when they start to flower can i move them outside so they bud outdoor instead of indoors i heard if u can pull it off you can save money off the electric .
  2. grow it fully outside is the cheapest way. when i first started growing at least 10yrs ago, i used to veg tons of plants in a small area inside and plant them outside after the last frost of winter. they ended up massive since i would start them in like january and plant them outside in april or may.

    you could veg plants under cfls and use the sun to flower them during "flowering season"
    the flowering season here just started or is about to start. the latest ive ever planted a seed outside is in the end of june, got about 3ft tall before it started flowering. if you live in a warmer climate you can put them outside for flower when ever as long as it flowering season and it doesnt get too cold. where i live you have to cut by october in most cases. so depending where you live, flowering outdoors is doable still this year, you need plenty of time for the plant to mature while its flowering.

    also when moving plants from indoors to outdoors, you have to introduce them to the light. keep them in the shade for a few days, then move them into the sun during the beginning of the day and end of the day, and shade while the sun is the hottest(mid day). after a little bit of time, it will be used to the intense light from the sun. otherwise you will fry them the first day you put them out directly in the sun, most likely.
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    I'd start here.This will teach you how to grow a MJ plant period.

    And its super cheap....$$$$$

    Marijuana BUDS for less - Grow 8 oz. of bud for less than $100 b (download torrent) - TPB
    This is a free book.Youll need a torrent downloader if you dont have one.Bit torrent,and utorrent are 2 i can think of.

    This guy has a great organic method.After reading his top post click his sig,and a few posts down he gives a good starter mix for new guys.This will be the cheapest easiest method for a new guy.

    Plant problems guides.

    Also check these videos out by The Urban grower.Start watching from bottom of the page.I know they are small videos,but utube doesnt have them all.warning theres an audio when you go to the site its loud,and talks about weed.....

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    i need to grow during winter tho because i smoke alot and want to save money on bud as munch as i can. What cfl wattage should i get? im thinking 2 23 watt lights
  5. you want to get 100 watts in real wattage of cfls, every cfl you will see will say its the equivalent of a certain wattge, that is not what you want , you want to find the real wattage of the lights. you wll want to get around 5 23w cfls for 1 plant and an exra 4 for every additional one
  6. the 125w cfls work good that you can get from a local hydro shop. they have 200w and 300w ones also.. i veg under a 125w cfl currently in a 2x2x5 area and flower under a 600w hps in a 4'x4' tent. the 125w cfl costs about 35$ and another like 15$ for a reflector with the socket for them. i dont remember how much the larger cfls costed though. for flowering you would want more than just the 125w cfl. id use a 300w one for the tops. and angle 2 125w ones for supplemental lighting for the sides for flowering. it would still run pretty cool, and you could get a decent yield from it. depends on the amount of area you are growing in.
  7. Pat you should read the free book to.
  8. hmmm okay thanks
  9. I've been growing CFLs for a few years now. But it all depends on how much space you have. List your grow room specs. I grow with CFLs in a small closet 3-6 plants at a time in hydro under only four CFL bulbs and get great results. CFLs are great for the low budget grower looking to save money on bud without spending hundreds on your grow
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    im growing it in my room its pretty big should i move it and cover the light so it dosnt show outside the closet? That was only time it ever grew but i thought it would be nice to have it in my room so when i want to go to sleep later then usal i can just water the plant and go back to bed without getting up
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    Not sure what you mean, you have it on veg and you want to have it in your room for the dark period? light should be strictly controlled 14 on and 10 off for my best odds on a female. Dark should be like super dark.
  12. what is this book ur talking about?

  13. i had it growing in my room with the lights on
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    i got 5 23 watt cfl lights is that enoth i know book says 6 but it dosnt say what wattage so maby its a 13 watt light. It gives off 8000 lumens all together
  15. ah yeah a smaller space might be better since the light doesnt have as much area to cover, it all depends, I got mine in the closet with lights and timer When lights go off it's completely dark....
  16. I'm sure it'll work ok.

  17. Look at my first post in the thread.The first link.

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