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cheapest way to grow indoors?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by stifler024, May 19, 2009.

  1. im moving into a new house soon and im planning on starting a grow operation but i really wont have the money for a HPS light, what are some cheap ways to get a good yeild indoors without a high priced light?
  2. head to walmart or lowes or home depot.. or whereever .. for 1 plant you should use some sort of organic potting mix to put your germinated seed in.. next buy two 42 watt 150 equilvalent CFL's and two clip reflectors.. one small fan... mylar or reflective material for around the grow site.. foil will work with CFL's use the dull side.. position the two clip light reflectors above your plant within 3-7 inches fom the top of plant . dont use nutes till the plant is a little more mature and even so start out slow with it and dont burn your plant
  3. for larger scale there are a little more pricey CFL setups that are deff alot cheaper than h.i.d's but still a little bit of money .. you could homemake a larger light made of flourescent tubes all working at once to create high lumens.. one 42watt 150 equiv is around 2,400 lumens just by itsself one could tectniqually grow a plant off just one of these and they retail for 6.99 so this is indeed a cheap and efficiant grow source
  4. is 1200 lumens enough to get a plant going?
  5. word hugeez knows whats up +rep, problem solved im about to go to the story my self and pick up all that shit. .;)
  6. look into those indoor grow lights (for growing indoor plants) should look almost teal and will be wide and about an inch and a half thick (5.49 at a home depot or somewhere like that) and get a dome for a heat lght for reptiles (plugs into a wall socket and is like 19.99) on of these for every 2 plants for the rest look at hugeez list

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