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Cheapest setup for dabs?

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by macmilk, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Just recently been learning bout dabs, tried em out at my homies house, hooked. he left town so i started thinking bout it and i want to get back into it, whats the cheapest setup or rig i can get either online or in socal.
  2. You can probably find one online you like for 90-100$ with a bubbler,dome, and nail. And add in a torch so right around 140$. But since you say you live in socal i'd suggest checking out some glass shops near you. I was able to get a bub, dome/nail, and torch for 80$ locally. But if you already have a waterpipe you can just buy a dome & adapter attachment which would be anywhere from 45-60$ for a cheap one.
  3. Do you already have a smaller bubbler or tube?

    If so you just need a glow rod, torch, and paperclip

    Here's how it would work.
    1. heat up glow rod
    2. hold red hot glow rod directly on top of the hole of the stem
    3. go in and "dab" on the hot part of the glow rod with your paperclip
  4. I feel like a lot of the oil would be wasted doing it that way cause it would just drip down. If you have a glow rod tho, you can pick up a concentrate bowl that has holes around the top of it rather than one on the bottom. Should run you about $15-$30 bucks depending on quality. You just throw the hash in the bottom of the bowl, heat up your glow rod and hit it like you would a normal bowl. That's probably your cheapest option.
  5. Its for dabs not globs, and you figure out how to tease it off of their after hitting it a few times. I know it sounds ghetto but it is most definitely the cheapest way to start vapin oil, I was doing it before I got some legit setups.

    Also for the OP it's called a hot-hit slide just so he knows what he's talking about going into the shop.
  6. If you have already have a GonG piece go to Aqua Lab and get a vapor globe and a torch lighter.
  7. hit up steve beer. hes a glassblower on this site. his rigs are super affordable, like $100 for a basic rig. and they are super functional from what ive seen on videos. i havn't had the chance to hit one, but if i was lookin for a cheaper piece to start out on, i would hit up beer. plus youll be help out up and coming artist. shit it might even be worth it to own one of his first pieces in the future haha

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