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  1. Hello Fellow smokers!
    20th of april of about to turn, and here in denmark there will be a big event 1500+ people sitting togheter in a park smoking marijuana! (to the danish people, I kildeparken i Aalborg;) )

    As a part of this action to legalize it we found this banner you can see below and we posted it everywhere.

    Now we are looking for the cheapest seed possible, sex of the plant is not relevant, we just need some cannabis plants so the government can "clean up" after us and see we care about the substance.

    Right now are we around 30 people looking for some seeds to plant everywhere.

    we are looking for packets of 25 - 50 - 100 seeds to buy online for a very very low price... and as said, we don't care about sort sex high and if it able to grow outside or inside...

    Myth we would like to know about: A pack of birdseed may contians hemp seeds. Is the real ?

  2. Buy an O of shwagg.... you'll get plenty of seeds
  3. Johnny Weed Seed?:p

  4. Where can i get that? and what is it ?

    Tryed google gave me nothing :p?

  5. Schwag is bricks of dried and pressed marijuana from mexico that is of very low quality. I would assume that it would be tough to find mexican brick weed in Denmark though....

    My suggestion would be to contact some seed banks and tell them what your plans are, and maybe they will cut you a deal on a big order of some seeds they don't plan on selling or something? I don't know if that would work, but it's worth a shot.

  6. Okay thanks bro will try it :p
  7. hows the search coming? :)
  8. buy some hemp seeds, i'm pretty sure sensi seeds sells hemp seeds, and they're extremely cheap too, not the exact same as actual marijuana but it should have the same effect for your campaign.
  9. Definitely check around to see if anyone is selling a bag of weed with seeds in it. You get a bag of weed AND plenty of seeds. Killing two birds with one stone ;)
  10. How is the search coming? I would like to try something like this in my neighborhood.
  11. Some bird seeds do contain hemp seed, but they undergo a sterilization process first, so they will not germinate. (atleast those birdseed sold in the USA)
  12. Nowhere I found ships regular unsterilized hemp seeds. Your best bet would to fertilize your own plants and collect them that way. Or else talk to a few seedbanks like that guy said.
  13. I have been asking a couple of seed banks but whiteout any response on day 5 :(

    But i went to my local market and found 700g hemp seeds (only males) for 4$

    so i believe that is what i am going for so far. :)
  14. I want to do this in my city as well... I just don't have access to the seeds. :(
  15. search google for wholesale marijuana seeds. or search buy marijuana seeds in bulk. try searching using different terms. I will bet you will find some thing.

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