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Cheapest MMJ evaluation in Denver

Discussion in 'General' started by seaf0ur, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Just what the title says.... I need a cheap, yet legit MMJ eval. I have a current MRI of my spine.

    Dont want to get caught with a disreputable recommendation
  2. *crickets*

    Nobody in denver? I've seen PLENTY of different prices.... and with the state tax involved, I'd like to save what money I can, but I dont need a invalid photocopied signature on my recommendation.....
  3. Herbal Heath Systems, can book appointment online via their website, $60 evaluation.
  4. Red card district will get your paper all ready for you. jsut have to do the money order or check , then off to the post office. It ran me $75 for everything. Great deal and nice people! less than an hour in all, and got my red card 27 days later, Cheers
  5. If I got a Colorado MMJ card could I find a dispensary or collective that will send my medicine to me while I'm in a different state?
  6. I dont believe so.... BUT if you got a colorado red card.... i think OTHER medical states would accept it.... but fed law is still illegal.... and "transport of".. even worse, so i doubt youre gonna find ANYONE dumb enough to UPS you some shit, sorry bro.
  7. THIS but key phrase is "have to *have the money order or check" Bring your 35$ state fee in check or money order form to REALLY speed things up.

  8. There's a lot of discussion online about M.O.M. Mail order marijuana but there's a lot of scammers
  9. Fed law is fed law.... cross from one state line to another and you have surpassed state boundaries.....

    You can certainly get seed shipped online... but product.... thats more risky.

    go to growers section somewhere theres a thread on current legit seedbanks that ship to the states
  10. just wondering, why do you need MMJ when it's legal for recreational. is it cheaper?
  11. Because they don't have a way of recreational users to purchase it. Only dispensaries as of now, and they only accept MMJ patients. Theres talk that soon some will be switching to allowing both
  12. Because having a card eliminates the middle-man. Herb stores won't open for a while.
  13. well, i mean... I know a guy.... but personally I want seeds from specific breeders here.... they only sell in certain dispensaries....

    The card is worth the genetics....
  14. oh i didnt know that. :p i just assumed they opened pot shops already
  15. 2014 is the estimate for all the laws to be worked out....

    mostly alcohol rules I'd assume.... cant let your buddy sittin shotgun slug a beer legally...
    probably same types of rules and shit.... they gotta work it all out.... We are blazing a brand new trail here in Colorado.... Settin the first REAL laws overseeing it.... I hear they want monsanto to genetically modify the weed to have no more than 12% thc..... dont know how they'll handle it yet.
  16. I was thinkin more of gettin my medicine in bake goods form that way it's disguised well i doubt anyone would find out fuckin gay ass Florida needs to stop being so ancient with their marijuana laws or I'll be moving again shortly... It's hard to find good quality medicine here I mean a lot of ppl grow here but that also means unfortunately that there's more garbage shit thats been grown horribly then there is of that primo Girl Scout cookie Durban poison or cherry pie but don't get it twisted i come across that primo here just not everyday and most of the time my homegrown stuff is 10 times better
  17. Bro if they support Monsanto thats like a oxy moron supporting weed and Monsanto most weed heads I know like myself hate GMO's and Monsanto
  18. And it don't make sense to do that cuz you can always make extracts but now your jus adding unnecessary burdens for ppl to get the good high thc meds

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