Cheapest beer brand in your area?

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  1. Here in holland I can get a half a liter of beer for as low as 40 cents. Forget the name at the moment, its some generic german beer.
  2. Usually the big american brands are cheapest when buying at a miller, bud, michelob etc

    Craft beers cost me more $$ but it's worth it
  3. Natty lite


  4. Milwaukee's best... horrible, horrible beer.
  5. [quote name='"ismokegreen"']Milwaukee's best... horrible, horrible beer.[/quote]

    This lol. The cheapest I'll go is Natty Light
  6. Milwaukee's best..............gotta get the ice :cool:, no tax on beer fuck yeah wisconsin

    it's probably a little better in milwaukee I'd guess ^
  7. Keystone light baby. I will never drink a diff beer!
  8. Sam Adams Coastal Wheat 12oz
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    Beer 30
  10. Natty Ice or Keystone...tastes like bathwater
  11. shittiest cheaper beer I ever drank in the states was bud light. Its like drinking flat watered down soda. I could drink a 30 pack of that and not even be tipsy.
  12. steel reserve ftw. most bang for your buck.
  13. Lionshead. 14 for a case of bottles
  14. [quote name='"DrSheldonCooper"']Lionshead. 14 for a case of bottles[/quote]

    Lionshead <3

    A case is 16 out here. Drinkin one right now lmfao
  15. pabst blue ribbon is mad cheap
  16. [quote name='"zombieSHROOM"']

    Lionshead <3

    A case is 16 out here. Drinkin one right now lmfao[/quote]

    Good shit man:) wish I had some right now
  17. [quote name='"kayakush"']pabst blue ribbon is mad cheap[/quote]

    Drinkin one now haha cheers!

  18. cheeers, i got a 40 of o e. heres to world peace
  19. haha you guys are making me jealous I finished my last beer hours ago :(

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