cheapest 16" inch glass bong

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  1. Im looking for the cheapest 16" glass bong avaible
  2. Peep soul shine glass
  3. Check out weedstar on grasscity..
    Im pretty sure those are fairly cheap.

    But remember, you get what you pay for.
  4. dude, gotta give us what kinda budget your looking for, otherwise you can just go on gc and click on smoking pipes, bongs and water pipes, on the left you will see the glass bongs specification, narrowing your search to 400 pieces, then, if you scroll down a bit more you will see height specifications in the same column where you found glass, 1 foot 4 inches, 16 inches and 40.64 cm are all the same height so you will want to chose either 30-40 cm or 40-50 cm, i would imagine you'll find the cheapest in 30-40cm. next to find the cheapest, above you're results you will find and little bar where you can change "position" to "price" then it will give you bongs in order from cheapest to most expensive that are all glass and 30-40cm or 40-50cm. I will tell you that grasscity is by far not just the best online head shop, but the best head shop of all. :gc_rocks:
  5. Why look for size over functionality? I understand the desire for a small or large piece, but why a specific height without any interest in how it actually functions? It just seems like an ass-backwards way of going about things.
  6. agreed. Why does it need to be 16in exactly? Give us how much you wanna spend. Usually cheapest and bongs don't go so well together.

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