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  1. Hello Fellow Blades - 
    I am looking to setup a new room and was wondering if any of you blades knew of a site that offered quality grow room materials at a cheaper price than HTG...  
    I am just checking with the forum before I make my purchases, however, all in all from what I have found HTG seems to be the most reasonably priced online retailer.
    Thanks in Advanced

    Hola. I don't know if you checked, but I ordered most of my equipment for my small grow from various sellers on amazon. I'd check if I were you, lots of good finds there.
    For grow lights; I just stumbled upon a site yesterday. It's an auction site of stuff police have seized.
    Most of the ballasts are magnetic, but some are as low at $4. They have hoods too at very, very low prices.
    They also have atleast 30 Lumatek electronic ballasts ranging from $5-$25
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    I second amazon....I get most of my stuff from them and the prices are hard to beat. A lot of the vendors there charge less than they do on their own websites or even ebay.
  4. I say The Hydro Source is the best I've run into...
    And I'm a cheap old basterd too  :hide:
  5. Virtual sun Hydro beats them at a couple things, I can't find cheaper light kits, also try amazon and goes as many pages back as you can stand and you can find some pretty cheap prices, but I still don't find any light kits cheaper than virtual sun. The only thing you have to do is google search "Virtual Sun Hydro" and then click the link to the website instead of just typing it in, it's weird like that. 

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