Cheaper alternatives to grow tent kit?

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by putinfanboy96, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. I was wondering if there are alternatives to grow tents that can be made at home for less money. I'm growing an auto flower and it's short in height.

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  2. Indoors, you can also use cupboards or spare rooms etc, problem with cupboards and walk in wardrobes and the like is that you will struggle to ventilate them in most cases. Best bet, but still would cost you a bit is to make your own box. That way you can plan it exactly how you want. It'd cost you in terms of the wood you use, nails and all that sort of stuff. I'm sure there are a fare few articles, how tos and possibly videos on the web for diy grow boxes
  3. Just one for you to check out, not sure how good it is but it was my first hit on youtube when searching:

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    Hey Bro. Find any type of box, container or cabinet big enough for your expectations and cut holes for ventilation fans, lighting fixtures and make sure it is light sealed.

    I was going to make a flowering chamber out of a tall clothing box I got from a moving company. It actually has a metal bracket that can be used to mount a light. But it's super easy to use your imagination to find a box. Just remember it needs to be able to breathe fresh air so keep it near a window (if possible) and allow fresh air to enter throughout the day.

    There are a lot of different things you can do, it just comes down to how much you are willing to do. Make sure the lights don't get hot enough to burn whatever is around it as it is a confined space and without ventilation, will bring humidity/temperature issues.

    If you lived close to me we could build tents out of excess PVC piping I have access to. With that, you have to determine the size you are going for, and then cut the pvc pipe into sections that can be attached by drilling or you can take it to the next level and get the proper fittings (wye) and can hold together like that. Then you need to have some type of tarp to go over the PVC pipe and a method to affix it. Can also do the same idea with thin wood and can just staple the tarp to the wood. The PVC might have to get creative and duct tape the pipe to the tarp (or rhino plastic) and go from there.

    There are a few good vids on the web about stealth/closet/micro grows. Check to see if there are any DIY setups on Youtube or maybe even try searching the foum search bar.

    I wish you the best of luck and hope you have a great day!

    EDIT: I would opt for a LED light for this setup because my 400W HPS would generate way too much heat for a confined space.

    Formufit 1/2 in. Furniture Grade PVC 3-Way Elbow in Clear-F0123WE-UV - The Home Depot

    Doesn't have to be clear but that is a 3-way corner piece to build a pvc tent.
  5. an auto ruderalis is an alternative to a grow tent. Mostly it's just a matter of setting up a space where 24 hours of super intense light doesn't disturb your wa. Three carved wooden elephants with beads hanging off their trunks could hide an auto in the corner. Don't forget the waterfall.
  6. Hey putincfan. I made mine out of al old plastic foldable closet. And for reflection I used those car windshield sun reflectors. I found 2 XL SUV ones at the grocery store of all places for $5 a piece I used and bought new and better lighting as I went. I pulled an old air purifier apart and use both fans from it. One in one out. And I bought some ona gel and spray from lowes. For smell. And my seeds came from some green crack that I smoked for a couple months and scavenged prolly one seed per ounce. Anyways rambling cuz I'm stoned. Experiment. Read and watch. This forum is a huge help. Just for shits and giggles I've been experimenting with a car air filter and activated charcoal. WNt to get to a point of 80% smell scrubbed. 20190707_234102.jpg 20190707_234124.jpg 20190707_234221.jpg

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  7. Bro ibliterally am using one of those plastic closets with th metal pole interior frame. I currently have it played on it's side with leds hanging. I have the exhaust so good that if you turn intake down and my exhaust up the tent will breath in lol. I have another one made of cloth. Would say that I'm having trouble with humidity due to the air going into tent is ton my damp basement but either way my girls are flourishing. Hopefully girls. I started with 6 and have the space for it at the moment. So wa5ching closely for preflowers and sacs.

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  8. Sounds like you’ve got it pegged!

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  9. oh yeah, save those old shower curtains, never know
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  10. Talking about random household goods being put to good use I took apart a poster today that said faith... peeled canvas off drilled small o ring screws and fed coated line through to form my netting.
  11. Dollar general ships there candy out to stores in some of that mylar bubble wrap stuff go look behind local dollar generals they leave it out back with the card board it has a bottom and sides so some tape up the sides cheap grow tent. :) id say they are close to 2ft×3ft maybe 4ft tall
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  12. Here's how I've made mine. Right now its fully operational, undertaking its virgin grow. I will post some updates when there are some. 10weeks to go. Mini Growbox ver0.70

    Mini Growbox ver0.70

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