Cheaper alternative for mylar?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Bond, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. Took me a bit of good searching no luck.
    simple question, anyone know a alternative to buying rolls of mylar reflective film for the grow room walls/curtains? 30$ for a 25 ft roll seems a bit steep.
  2. white paint
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  3. You can simply use white paint instead of mylar
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  4. oh. wow would never have guessed. thanks guys
  5. Depending on the size of the space, couldn't aluminum foil work?
  6. "Space" blankets, or emergency survival blankets, like 5ft by 8ft ish for 3$ at wally land. Its been working great for me, I replaced a roll of bubble foil insulation (reflectix) which was about 15$ but it insulated too well

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  7. If i remember reading correctly, flat white if you want to go with paint. It reflects upwards of 80% of lighy both visible and non. But even going for a glossy white can reduce that down to 60%. It has to do with some of the non visible blue and red wavelenghts. But the survival blankets work like a charm. Word of advice if you go that route; get a roll of good quality clear tape to reinforce the edges were you are tacking it to the wall. You can do patches or run it the whole edge of the top and bottom sides to have a sturdy area to stetch the material without it ripping.
  8. Yeah definitely, I made the mistake of not doing that when I out the first one up, as soon as I kicked on the fans it ripped itself right off of the staples. Lesson learned.

    Disclaimer: I have a super vivid imagination.

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