Cheap way to grow MJ $20 soil

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  1. 20190710_162117.jpg Just sharing my cheap set up of latin America bag seed,nothing special led/cfl combine 75 watts, indoor outdoor grow. 5 hours in sun/ led/cfl 7 hours.
    These ladys are in their 2 month veg and now first week of flowering 12/12
    Lst only no fimm
    Nutes just soil and home made compost, club soda water
    What do you guys think,i know next grow will be with more $$$$, but i just work with what i got.
    I clone them since these bag seeds did flower on me have a third one which was the first to sprout but i lst big time broke a branch so it slowly growing 3 1/2 months

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  2. Never tried club soda. Does it do something special to the plants?

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  3. I bet you get more than $20 of bud out of it. :D
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  4. Club soda is another way of supplementing C02 and should be misted on the leaves during light periods indoors.
    But if the plants are outdoors its completely unnecessary.

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  5. Nice growth .

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  6. Yes i tryed the club soad for 2 weeks and saw healthy growth instead of tap water or i use rain water as well..I was suprise these bag seeds turn out to be females .. call me a stalker cause i will be in the grow room every second hahaha
    And thanks guys for the support..

    Oh and the little grow room or tent is from and old pizza cart i had when i started my buisness..

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  7. Cool, thanks for the info!!

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  8. So going on week 2 of flowering..kinda burnt some stigmas/hairs and leaves on green pot..i sparyed them with oil and soap never doing that again.nothing major but i hate how she looks she was beautiful once all white hairs..
    Orange pot doing well cathching the 3rd pic is my first plant she is suppper bad cause i really violated her with lst supercrop bending her stems let her dry out alot then over water her nute the hell out of her she went through alot with my hands..but she pulled right through now she's show me what a strong girl she growing preflower and white hairs..damn im lucky..i have about 6 clones even though their bagseeds ..they are worth keeping..will post more on my little cheap grow

    Oh by the way i use potatoe chips bags to reflect the light..compost nutes..75 watts i know sucks but i will be buying 300watts soon..soil is formed with composts worm castings..and woody trees..guess they love it since there growing good and green..

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