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  1. Hello!

    I was growing on the original bulbs that came with my fixtures (cheap $20 bulbs) and I decided to upgrade the bulbs to the $200 Extreme Blue MH by Hortilux Eye. This is the first indoor grow I have had. I am now regretting spending $400 on two bulbs and am wondering if it will be worth my investment compared to the cheap bulbs...

    Buyer's Remorse
  2. Do you have the spectrum analyst ? I wish you could do a grow with each light to really prove one way or another.
  3. my rule is you get for what you paid for.. im guessing the 200$ bulbs will out last the 20$ bulbs..
  4. Thats funny this threads on here right now..i have a five by four and a half room with 2 six hundred hps came with a regular bulb and the other I bought this super crazy expwnsive added spectrum and the differwnce is shadow on the good bulb side..the regular orange looking one actually looks kinda pathetic next to the good one...the regular ones work well but the better spectrum ones imo have worked better..more vigerous in veg and im hoping it makes a nice dofference in flower..
    Id say imo better bulbs are worth it.

  5. Im actually right at the point wjere I can do this..and im gonna just to see if I keep one plant always under the less expwnsive bulb will it be smaller than the ones that spend time under thhe better one.
  6. get what you paid for...
  7. I use horti bulbs and have used cheap bulbs in the past. I can't really tell the difference, maybe they last longer who knows. But this time around, I'm going buy cheap bulbs and replace at the end of every grow or two.

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