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Cheap vaporizers worth it?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by tiestorocks, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    I am a novice. However, that's fine with me; I'm fine with being a casual smoker. I was talking with the guy at my local head shop, and he recommended to me vaporizers. He said that out of all the ones he's tried, (including more expensive ones) the VaporBlunt was the best. Was selling one for $175, to me that seems kinda expensive, especially since I'm not a hard-core enthusiast.

    I'm sold on the health benefits, (or at least, lack of health detriments) the weed saving benefits, etc. However, the only thing I'm not sold on, is the price of a VaporBlunt, when I don't see myself using it that often. I understand it'll pay for itself over time, but, at my rate, that'll be a year or two I'd assume. I just don't know if I can justify paying that much for something I don't do very often. (And really, don't want to make a habit of doing too often)

    So I researched some other vaporizers, and the VaporBat seems to be in my price range. (See: Vapor Bat Portable Vaporizer Vaporbat Discreet Unique New in Black | eBay) However, is it worth $25 or so for a VaporBat? (And it doesn't have to be a VB, just a cheap vaporizer is what I'm looking for)

    So I know this is a hard question to answer, (there are many intermediate decisions to make and factors to consider) but is a cheap vaporizer like the VaporBat worth it? Or should I just bite the bullet and pay $150+ on a VaporBlunt or similar high-quality vaporizer?

    Thanks guys
  2. You'll get this advice, but don't get a magic flight. For $175 search around Craigslist bro. I got one of my Volcanos for $150. I cleaned it out when I got home and it's as good as new...
  3. Mflb $70-$80 on amazon
  4. Try the Vapor Genie. It looks like a pipe but is a vaporizer. There are some querks with it but you get used to it. It works very well, I'm very satisfied with it though there are much better ones on the market. Those are more expensive though. But anything that can teach you the fundimentals of vaporizing is a good thing. Keep in mind that the high is very different from smoking it. It's not for everybody so if you can find something cheap to try it out I say go for it dude. Good luck!
  5. I vape an extreme q, different prices depending if you want a fan or not for baggin'. little pricey I paid 260 Cad. but well worth it. Ive used other vapes like fuzions & iolites, but none of those rock my dome like the Q. do you have a bong? maybe you could just buy an oil swing or something if your looking to save money.
  6. Id go For the solo, the no2, or the vaporblunt... Ive heard great things about the solo.. The no2 is a good vape all around for the price.. And i just got a vaporblunt and i fucking love it
  7. This is a killer thread. I'm a casual smoker and I am interested in various methods of getting domed. I smoke but want to vap as well but all the vaporizer products were making me dizzy
  8. I am currently using the MFLB and if you are looking for a lower price vape I would recommend it. I paid right around $100 for mine on Amazon. There are cheaper vapes and there are vapes that are far more expensive than the MFLB; I consider it about a mid level vape. Keep in mind I have not used any vape that would be considered higher end than the MFLB.

    Before I had the MFLB I was using a Vapor Genie knock off and for what I paid for it (~$30) it worked fairly well for me. I am not a huge smoker either, so I may not have quite as much experience on vapes as other people will. The main reason I bough it was the price tag. A vape for that price seemed worth it to try at least.

    Before I bought the thing I had blazed with a buddy and tried his Genie and I liked it quite a bit once I had kinda figured it out. The Genie is great if your willing to learn a bit. I say this because I found it took me some time to figure out which temperatures worked best. I think with all vaporizers there is a bit of learning to do in order to get optimum results. I found the Genie and the knock off I had to be a bit more difficult to use than the MFLB was. Regardless, the Genie was a much better built device than the knock off I bought and if you want a well built, inexpensive vaporizer the Genie would be worth considering. If I could go back I would have paid the extra bit of cash to get the Genie instead of the knock off version I got. It still worked well but it was built much poorer than the Genie was.

    These are the only vapes I have experience using and far I like the MFLB the best. I find it quite a bit easier to use than either the Genie or the knock off. It will definitely conserve your herbs.

    However, if I were in a situation where I was only smoking, say once a week or less, I do think that trying the VapoBat or something similar would be a reasonable choice if you are wanting to not spend to much money. This is a similar situation to that which I was in when I bought my first vape. I had never owned but I think for what I paid for it and how much I used it, it was definitely worth it. If you are willing to pay a bit more than what you would for the VapoBat I would recommend either the Genie or the MFLB over the cheaper vape I had bought.
  9. I'd spend a little more and get either the Atmosraw which works awesome or the ThermovapeT1. Both of these are a good choice. They are going to be under the $100 marker if you look around and they are both highly functional, easy to conceal and you"ll get a good bang for your buck. Even if you don't smoke that much they WILL pay themselves back in a short time.

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