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    What is better and less harmful for throat/lungs - a shitty cheap vaporizer or a bong?
    Im not sure, but i guess that i have slightly damaged and vulnerable airways because of 2 years of smoking bad soapy hash in a raw way (i didnt have access to weed) and 6 months of smoking through a glass vaporizer in a wrong way (i always overheated it because i didnt know how to use it).
    After it i had been smoking through a bong for a year and had problems with frequent cough that worried me. Because of this cough i decided to buy a vaporizer. I am very poor, so all that i could buy is this: I know how US vapor users roll their eyes when they see device like this, but you dont know what its like to live in a country like mine when all good devices are 1000% overpriced. After long research and money saving that was the best thing i could buy. And it works.
    I noticed that i cough not as much as i did when i was using a bong, but i still cough from time to time, especially when i take t-breaks or accidentally overheat my weed, even it happens once i start coughing for a few days.
    My cough is not constant, it looks like a few short series of strongs coughs that might happen 2-5 times per day. I can go for weeks of using vaporizer every evening without cough whatsoever, but if i would accidentally overheat my weed or if i take a break for a few days this cough would appear again. Sometimes i cough even if dont overheat weed, but that happen seldom and i dont know why i.
    My questions is simple - what is less harmful in your opinion - shitty cheap vaporizer or a bong?
    Im planning on buying a better device, but i dont know how soon i'll be able to buy it and there is no guarantee that it might work. Before this device i bought another one, this pen TITAN-1, it didnt work at all and shop refused to make a refund.
    Went to doctors for a few times, they didnt find anything wrong with me except having chronic pharyngitis (its common throat infection). Im not sure that its related though.
    Looking forward to your replies, only dont suggest edibles.
  2. Arizer solo/air are nice. Never had an MFLB but I hear it's not bad either And honestly is depends on the vaporizer you have. If it tastes like it's burning plastic or anything not weed it probably not healthy a and I would recommend the bong. If it tastes fine then it's probably safer. You can also use it with a bong if you can find a way to seal it in the downstem

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  3. Thanks for the reply, but i guess that you didnt read my post at all. I wont buy anything soon, i was talking exactly about my vaporizer and even posted the photo of it. There is no plastic burning taste, vapor goes through a tiny glass tube.
  4. Vaping will always be easier to the lungs, especially a bong lol.

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