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Cheap vape?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Larinus, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. I'm a poor college student looking for a cheap effective vape. I'm looking for something that is less than $100. My friend said I can get a decent one on ebay for $40, is this true?
  2. Well, sort of yeah. But caveat emptor, you will get what you pay for.

    Save your dough, invest in a Volcano.
  3. yo ive tried a bunch of different ones lately and talked to many buddies whove tried many others. the little box ones will get you high but they make your weed taste like shitty corn, the metal bats do the same but dont even get you anywhere, even when smoking some really good kushs, i had a glass vapor bat aka glass blunt it consisted of two tubes one skinnier one that was the mouth piece and had a screen on the other end to keep your weed from goin through, and the skinny tube went into a wider one that slid back and forth, it worked great weed tasted fine as long as you did it right and didnt overburn it with your lighter and it got me baked and that was a fuckin chore these past few months, only prob i had with it was that the original screen melted after id only had it for a few days but i went back to the shop and he threw me a bunch of extra screens fo free so no worries with that and theyre easy as hell to replace. that piece cost me 30 bones had it til thanksgivin then got real twisted, i dropped it and the fat tube broke, but we salvaged the skinny part and used it as the bowl for a homemade bubroller - the sickest and best pipe ive ever ripped. but yea that piece was tight ripped it all around my residence hall with no worries. besides that the only great vap ive ever dealt with is the infamous volcano and wow that thing is fuckin killer save and get that bitch man it is hella sick

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