Cheap Vape Pen For Weed?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by catpuchino, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. does this even exist? ive only heard of concentrate pens where you just put some hash oil in the chamber and it heats it up. if you find anything link it below

  2. I personally have an Atmos Bullet-2-Go vaporizer pen which does both wax and dry herb. I mainly bought it for wax but ended up wanting to give it a try with herb and it worked better then I thought it would. The pen is small, making the chamber where the herb goes very small making it hard to pack a lot (being able to fit no more then a .1 or so in it). The only downside I'd say is the fact that your unable to control the temperate of the atomizer leaving you with burnt herb sometimes. The price for the b2g is around $40-$50 depending on where you buy it from(I got mines from a local headshop) and comes with everything you'll need for dry herb. I have so far owned mines for about 2 months and haven't had any problems with it so far.I couldn't post a link because I'm using my phone but just google 'Atmos Bullet-2-Go' and you'll find it. Goodluck and hope this helped!

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