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  1. What are some inexpensive vacation ideas?
    I was thinking about going camping by a lake.  My girlfriend and I would share a tent.  Parmigiano Reggiano would be packed in the cooler, along with good campfire beer and other personal favorite foods.  And I would probably bring fishing poles with me so we could go fishing.  While some people may think fishing is boring, I'm sure it would be fun as phuck while drinking some beer and getting high (SO HIGH).
    As you can infer from the final statement in the first paragraph (It really should go without saying...), I would also have weed.

  2. haha 'Vaca' in Spanish means cow.  Vaca-tion is cow-tion for Spanish people
  3. I got some Sour Kush from NYC and it's much more potent than what I've been smoking for the past few months, at least.
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    I came to this thread to tell you to go win.

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  5. Camping isnt always cheap! depends on the food you have to buy, and how far u have to drive! I find it cheaper to take stuff camping you ALREADY have instead of going shopping to bring stuff, always overbuy when that happens.
    Go to the beach? or great lakes if ur near them, if u didnt know, you wouldnt know it wasnt the beach! 
  7. You could always stay home, and do things that you normally don't do. Have a camp fire, go swimming, go to your local museum, go out to eat. 
    It's a lot cheaper than going away and doing the same thing. 
  8. True, camping can get expensive sometimes but the thing is after you get all the needed equipment, the net time you go all you really pay is gas. And the food cost shouldn't be an issue cause, I mean, you were gonna eat that day anyways right? Lol.
    I have all the gear, and the location where we would go camping is probably 45 minutes away.  Food would include some Cliff Bars, eggs, and so high.
  10. Hellyea man. And if you get any fish you could always fillet them and eat them! Very satisfying to catch your own diner! You gonna be on a river or lake?
  11. My buddies and I are all going on a vacation where we will rent out this log cabin up north for a week and we are all inviting the chicks we are seeing and will probably just spend a week getting super hammered and smoking a bunch and sitting by a campfire at night and fishing during the day. Vacation will cost about $200 a person which aint bad since that'll pretty much be with food and everything. 
    As far as cheap like two person vacations you can really do a lot it just depends what you consider a vacation, but camping would probably be the best for how cheap it is but I don't know, I couldn't stand going camping with just myself and the chick I am currently seeing. It would be pretty fun for a little bit, but after like two or three fucks I am pretty much worn out and then the trip would just be boring. 
  12. I know you said you had camping gear, but do people out camping gear?
    I wouldn't mind going on an awesome campinig excursion for my honeymoon, but I am NOT trying to by all the stuff so I can do right.

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