Cheap Spoon In Canada Prices?

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  1. Hey im looking to buy a cheap spoon but im too alzy to go to the store and find out i dont have enough money, lol i have 20 bucks? can i buy a nice spoon
  2. also is it worth buyign a cheap spoon or shoudl i save up ot buy a nice one?
  3. i got one at a store for 10 bucks
  4. nah i am 18, but even if i wasnt i wouldnt matter lol, all these paki corner store owners dont care who they sell to lol but like r u sayign liek 10 bucks?
  5. ya at a convience store
  6. they sell cheap spoons at some convenience stores where i live, you can get one for under $10 but it's gonna be shit quality
  7. you should be able to.

    Cheapest ones here are like 7$
  8. ok cool, lol i can afford that and still buy a quarter lol, gto 50 bucks yaya, lol cant wait, but will it work well if i get one for ten bucks and it will break very easy right??
  9. the one i got still works fine i got tht thing a year ago and someone is still using it.
  10. yeah just go to your convenience store ( no need to be racist and call them paki, they could be sri lanken, indian etc.. ) they sell small ones sometimes ( no more than 2'' long ) my friend got one for 5$, theres lots of cheap pipes at convenience stores, you can haggle too a lot of the time if you know how, but im terrible at it so i dont bother
  11. sick avatar, alexisonfire rules!
  12. You can buy a spoon pipe at most convenience stores in the area of Canada I live in, that's where I purchased a few of my first pieces in my highschool years:rolleyes:
  13. [​IMG]

    Thats my old one, 8.95$
  14. Shouldn't be too hard to find a decent glass spoon for 20 bucks. Its not exactly a rarity

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