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Cheap Root Hormone Methods!

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by DigitalDwarf, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. So, I was digging around the net last night and stumbled upon a garden web page where people were discussing cloning "Rose of Sharon" and what to use for Root Hormones. This is the info:

    "I root my rose of sharon here all the time.
    I find it easiest to use some willow water.
    If you or someone you know, has any type of willow tree, just Take a branch of it, and stick it in a bucket of water, in a shady spot.
    Keep filling the bucket as it goes down.
    You can stick just about any type of cuttings in it, and leave them a day or two, and then pot them up to root."

    "Willows root quicker than anything!!
    The bark is used as asprin, and dried and ground into rooting hormone.
    Yep, if you have no willow.. a disolved asprin will work also."

    "Asprin... I used to use one 200 mg tab per gallon, when I didn't have local willow. I have been known to knock on strangers doors, over a willow branch, in a new area tho...lol. If you use that method, try cuting all the leaves in half, so they can get sun, but not loose so much moisture. I use the willow mostly, because I can be lazy, and it jumpstarts them quicker.
    If you use both methods..soak in willow or asprin water, then plant and cover, it is even better!"

    What do you think...A cheap way to root your plants!
  2. a small bottle of clonex is $15

    Now thats a Cheap Root Hormone Method:hello::hello:
  3. Aspirin can be had for as little as a dollar at many Dollar stores. Willow cuttings are free if you have one nearby....now that is cheap!
  4. Evidently you can root a cutting with a potato..... (no joke either)
  5. I had a long time growing friend tell me about the aspirin trick for helping to reduce the stress on a plant. It's something that he also picked up from rose growers.
  6. i dont use any kind of "rooting hormone" at all... EZ cloner with a few drops of superthrive, tap water PHed to 6.0 and i have at least a 90% success rate
  7. Stim root and Roots are usually only $5

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