cheap plastic flood table/tray?

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  1. Hey guys, I'm trying to find any kind of plastic bin or tub that will fit my space and be easy to use as a flood table... It needs to be about 2 feet by 3 feet. The height is not important because I will cut it shorter if necessary. I've been looking everywhere and can't find anything suitable, and I don't want to spend $50+ at hydro store just for a damn plastic tray. If I can't find anything I guess I could build one out of wood and line it with white poly, but I'd much rather just use something pre-made if possible. Does anyone have any ideas of something that will fit my space? Either one 2ft x 3ft feet bin or two 2ft x 1.5ft would be nice. I need the right dimensions because this is going to be a sea of green. So, the spacing is important... gotta be able to fit the plants...
  2. anyone?

    someone recommended to me a cement mixing tub from lowes or home depot, but I haven't gone out to check yet. still need more options. personally, I don't think the pro hydro flood trays are worth their price. I just need anything that is the right size and will hold water without leaking heh.
  3. hey man y dont u just get the green rubbermaid bins i am not sure but i think they are around 2'by3' although u probably alraeady thought of that but hope u find what u are looking for peace
  4. I've thought of rubbermaids but they have LOTS of different sizes and the ones I've seen aren't the right sizes. I havven't seen the green ones ones though. if they are about 2'x3' that would be great. would they have these at walmart?
  5. yea that is actually where i remember seeing them they have ALOT of good shit at walmart so even if they dont have those i am sure u could find atleast 10 things that would also work peace
  6. I just started working on one that came from wally world. Its clear and measures 1 1/2' x 3' x 5" deep. perfect! I didnt/cant wait for bulkhead fittings so im using rubber grommets and 1/2" straight barbs. Just drill the hole a little small so its really tight fit, and cut the fitting in half unless you want your roots setting in water because it will stick up and inch or so...

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