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  1. Hey everyone, I have 2 seedlings about 3 weeks old I think, one a little older then the other (totally forgot to right down the date of sprout). I'm using two cheap 25watt led grow lights with blue/red spectrum, and one 25w regular led 1500 lumens. Theres a Small fan in the corner to produce air circulation and stimulation of branches. So far so good.. but I did notice the bigger one getting yellow on the new leaves.. I've only been watering them with Poland spring water lol every few days to a week without any chems or nutes (besides what's in the soil)
    Regular plain soil in the older one, and regular soil and perlite in younger one. I knocked the older one over and bent it in half when it was about 1 week old and only had 4 leaves, propped it up with dirt and she survived :D it's only about an inch and a half tall and it already smells!! Any tips? Ideas? I know this is a cheap setup, but I'm doing this purely for personal/medicinal use. So please, no trash talkers. Thanks :) 20170818_151110.jpg 20170818_151637.jpg 20170818_151205.jpg 20170818_150954.jpg 20170818_151215.jpg
  2. Also, both plants only have a 3 leaf pattern. These 3 seeds were found in an ounce of "Sour Lemon Diesel" ( that's what they called it). From my understanding the grower said his stuff never produced seeds.. and there werent anymore seeds in the whole batch, and all his plants are feminized, sooo yea, any ideas?
  3. Your plants look healthy albeit small. If you want more than a few grams you will need a lot more light. A lot more. Good luck.
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  4. Can you provide any pictures under natural lighting, can't really see the new growth being yellow with your lights on in the background, but doesn't look bad from what can see. The new growth just appears lighter green in your pics, will likely darken as it gets bigger and new growth comes through.

    Wouldn't worry about leaf patterns, 3 points, 5 points, 9 whatever. Mostly down to genetics, indicas may develop leaves with fewer points than sativas. As the plant grows you should start seeing leaves develop with more blades and then back down through flowering.
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  5. Yea this is a temporary setup til I get more cash. But for $40 total, it's working good for now. Any tips on a good indoor light? On the "cheaper" side? I've used six 100cfls in the past with ok results, but I had to move and didn't get to finish my grow :'(
  6. Will post pic in a second
  7. 20170818_161047.jpg 20170818_161134.jpg
  8. The little one has a deformed leaf.. lol
  9. The lighter looking new growth should darken over the next few days, or take on a same shade of green as your current largest leaves as more new growth comes through.

    While last picture shows first set of leaves to be a bit twisted, new growth looks normal and on its way through so wouldn't worry about that either.
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  10. Ok, cool. Here's my light spectrum for the "Grow" leds. Any tips on better lighting that doesn't cost an arm amd a leg?

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  11. I'm a LED grower so I can't speak from personal experience, but I'd imagine that T5 fluorescent setup or a 250 watt HPS would be less expensive than a decent quality LED.

    You also mentioned that they're starting to get stinky. If you're looking to put together a small carbon filter, search the City for DIY carbon filter. Someone built a neat filter out of two pencil holders, some panty hose, and activated carbon from a pet store.

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  12. Good tips, thank you. Yes, the "bigger" one is very stinky already (when held up to nose) which is surprising to me.. cause it's a very small plant lol. But i do get a hint of it when opening the cabinet doors.
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  13. Probably best creating a new thread in the lighting section, just make it clear you're on a budget and what it is or you might get bombarded with suggestions for diy cob kits.

    The cheaper range LEDs that still kick out some power might end up too close to your plants in that space and causing light burn. Usually hang around 18-24" through veg and 12-18" in flower. Similar thoughts on if you went 150w/250w HPS, the heat looks like it will be an issue in that space. So probably T5's or CFLs.
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  14. The lights are actually A LOT duller on camera though. When you open the doors it's pretty blinding lol
  15. A mars 300w led $65.99 on Amazon is a decent light for the money. 1 per plant is recommended. I don't use Leds, but have seen some nice grows with them. There are lots of better lights for more money but for an inexpensive light, you can't go wrong.
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  16. Aim for 50 watts per square foot. I think I've read somewhere once the optimum levels are around 40-60 watts per square foot. But you've got experts in the lighting section that can better answer that lol
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  17. Nice, I'll check that out thanks!
  18. Each light is 25watts (There's 3) not sure if it's exact or equivalent to or what not.. Will repost in lighting, thanks! 20170818_162451.jpg 20170818_162451.jpg 20170818_164527.jpg
  19. I used Mars 96 Reflectors and Mars 4'x4' tents for my first grow because I liked the idea of using LED (insert rant about benefits...), but their equipment was a waste of money. I got rid of one of the two tents (only kept the second to use it as a drying tent), and sold one of the two lights, keeping the second as an 'OH SHIT' backup.

    I'm now using a Gorilla Grow tent (theirs had the best dimensions for my space) and two Advanced LED XML 350s. Way more expensive, but much better quality.

    I cannot emphasize enough not to grow with Mars Hydro equipment. Your money is better spent elsewhere. I have a lengthy rant about their garbage customer service (even going through Sara on GC) prepared, if anyone is interested.
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