Cheap odor solution(small setup)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Sohigh, Jun 15, 2002.

  1. Well I made the mistake of choosing a fairly strong smelling strain this go around. Im only growing 6 plants under 400w HPS, in my upstairs closet, but the whole house stunk by about the 5th week of veg. Vinegar worked soso.. but I recently tried the Glade's plugin "Air Neutralizer" scent. It works beautifully, no smell, barely even in my flowering closet. Just a tip..
  2. damn ill have to get some of those thought i was gonna have to get a ozone generater
  3. That sounds good. I am going to try them now, I have four in "stinky stage". Normally I don't have to worry about the SWEET smell. I love it! No neighbors..

    I will use these when company (in-laws) come to stay. Thanks
  4. So you decided on the glade you plan on continuing using them through the grow,,,let us long they last,,effectiveness at flowering,,total cost,how many plants covered,etc...for other people to possibly use the info on their other words,,,will you be the test subject for this method of odor control??....peace...good luck

  5. will do.. so far in 2nd week of flowering, six plants and still no odor. Of course there is the "perfumy" smell of the plugin, but this particular one really does neutralize other odors, as that is the only smell present.
  6. I bought some of them 6.00 per, and they work great!

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