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  1. nobody on this forum is aware of industrial lighting wholesalers...same lights/fraction of the cost...grow shops are run by the cops (remember operation Green Merchant? Of course you don\'t, must of you were still shitting in your pants in 1989) Online purpose built grow lights are a rip...any town with 30,000+ people will have at least one commercial/industrial lighting distributor...get with it boys...
  2. you heard the man...get with it!

    thanks for the tip.

  3. Well duh!! Is this your big revelation.

    Why do you think we have been touting the inside sun company here at the City for over a year now. They are a wholesale distributor who refurbishes used lighting and then sells them over the net to anyone at prices that no one can beat. Check them out at

    And another thing, this is a site of learning and understanding. Kepp your attitude in check or check-out a new forum.
  4. Big Poppa Puff\'s right, its common sense duh!
  5. If you want to buy ragged out ballasts with with a trackable credit card transaction, knock yourself out. Seeing as all my attempts to be helpful are met with negativity, I won\'t bother. Sorry if you thought I had attitude. It\'s too frustrating here anyway. An average post reads \"I got my plant under a 15 watt bulb I stole out of my sisters easy bake oven. How many pounds can I get?\" Since there is no room here for a veteran grower of 15 years, you can shove it up your big poppa ass...ta ta....

  6. See what I mean about your smart-ass attitude. I didn\'t \"think\" you had an attitude, I saw your attitude in each post.

    There\'s always room here at the City for veteran growers to offer help to newbies, but not with your attitude. We try to help the newbies out, not put-downs and insults.

    Now some Mod who controls this forum, lock it up please before I say something to get me banned.
  7. 1716 posts v 23 posts,

    think I know whose word I\'ll take!

  8. I\'d rather not have you\'re \"wisdom\" if it comes with you\'re shit ass attitude. Smoke something rather then Mexican Ditch weed and relax, you can\'t be a stoner with this much hate in you.

    BTW you can save you\'re \"I\'ve been smokin the longest on here\" speech for other people to impress with. No one will take you serious with the hate of a 15 year old middle class white kid.
  9. Mr. Poppa I will help you out.

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