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    Ok so heres my question.
    I intend to grow one or two lowryders in a Rubbermaid tub and I'm concerned about heat. I know I could easily rig up a system that would work fine using CFLs but i want to know if these cheap led boards are a viable alternative when doing a micro grow- 225 LED Quad Band Red, Blue, Orange and White Full Spectrum…
    Now I know these are cheap Chinese "crap" as many have said on the forum but if Im only growing one or two small plants would three work in such a small grow?
  2. That panel is useless. Although it has 90 LEDs, it's only 13.8 watts. There's nothing you can grow with that. You're better off with a single cfl. Save your money and get two 4 packs of CFLs.
  3. Ok man the reason I ask is because of the heat. 4 cfls in a rubbermaid tub would work great,I know this, but will it get hot in there?
  4. !Bump! for an answer to my last question
  5. without adequate ventilation it will get very hot. vented properly and it will maintain a constant temp.
  6. Intake and exhaust fan then?
  7. :pI'll play if you start a new thread with your new / different question :p
  8. You can probably get by with just an exhaust fan and a passive intake duct. Though I must say, growing in tupperware is pretty silly.
  9. A lot of people grow in rubbermaid man nothing new or silly about it. It's better then growing in a pc case which is what I was looking at.

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