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Cheap joint?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, May 9, 2003.

  1. Paid $40 for ONE joint today and I am tickled to death at the deal I got. Best thing I could have done in a while.
  2. Your joking, right? I hope thats some )))))KILLER(((( bud.....
  3. Seriously, that's one expensive ass joint. You'd better be floating when you're done.
  4. Jesus, there must be some diamonds hidden in that motherfucker for $40!
  5. No shit! jesus!!!!!!!! I used to pay 40 fo a gram of nyc d, but that shit was awesosome! You better be seein' starz after that shit..
  6. no joint in the world should eva cost that much thats just the biggest rip eva
  7. ive got it!

    it must be a really big doobie!

  8. You're right!! It was a universal joint

    My universal joint on the driveshaft broke last Novemeber and it wedged in just enough to be drivable. But, for the last 2 weeks the ride was getting really shaky and rough and it was just a matter of days before I lost the whole driveshaft and maybe the transmission as well. Parts and labor came to $40 and my truck rides smooth.
  9. HA!! Kinda like the Paul Harvey "rest of the story" bit. BPP, I saw this earlier in the day and was waiting to see what the real "joint" was going to be. :) You're a sneaky OFFF.....

  10. Now if I could just get my doorhandle replaced. Its a pain in the ass having to roll the window down to open the door from the outside. :D

  11. For forty bucks, don't you wish you'd done it sooner? LOL

  12. haha i thought you meant $40 for a joint of weed, i was bout to call you flat out stupid haha. Seems like you know about cars, i got a question. When my car idles it idles hella high and the whole car shakes, any idea what it is. Its been doing it for almost a year so im not worried about it but its proally somethin i should look into. THanks
  13. HIGH All, *LOL* fuck you had me too BPP....I'm thinking just tity fucking us eh!

  14. Two questions:

    Is it fuel-injected or carbuerated?
    Does it idle high ALL the time, or just on a cold start?
  15. BPP is on a roll!

    I was thinking this must be some potent shit........ now I know it is just important shit..

    Your lucky you didn't throw that sucker out.......
  16. HAHAHA thats crazy BPS
  17. LMFAO, bein the optomist i'm am and bein thoroughly shhhhhtoned as i is i was thinkin maaaaaaaan, i wouldn't pay fordy bucks fer no jdog period but i'd sure like to hang out with the goofball that would.
  18. thats expensive, with 40$ around here, you can buy a 1/2 ounce.

  19. something tells me you only read the first post :p
  20. wut the fuck u gott be kidin me if u did that a nice blunt is 40 only if its bangin shit though u probibly smokin midis too

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