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  1. Here are a few pics of my 2 plants I have growing under 8 CFL lights, Roughly 130 - 140 watts (5 20 - 23 watt 2700K and 3 10 watt 6500K CFL bulbs) inside a double stack rubbermaid storage container

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  2. Trying to add more pics but keep getting connection reset, will keep trying
  3. I'd love to see some more pics from the sides. How big are they now what Strains?
  4. Working on getting my other pics to upload to GC with the side shots. It's just bagseed (don't know the strain) I am guessing one is from Sativa and one Indica because one is smaller and has fatter leaves and the other is tall and slime leaves, and seeds are from different dealers
  5. I'm guessing most bag seeds are hybrids but yea that would be the indication looking forward to it man
  6. Here ya go

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  7. Nice man your camera makes um look almost fake
  8. Yeah crappy iphone 3 camera
  9. Careful iphones encrypt gps locations in immages
  10. is this true? even if i delete them afterwards?
  11. [quote name='"johnie4life"']

    is this true? even if i delete them afterwards?[/quote]

    Yes it's true. You can take it off somehow though. Check the security section.
  12. Either way not a big fan of the iphone ironicallyy love apple though.
  13. Yea man iPhone puts a gps pinpoint for every photo taken just go to locaton services an turn off the accessibility for the camera

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