cheap hps!!!

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  1. hey i found a page with some super cheap hps and was wondering if you got an ac plug from home depot and wired it in if they would be just doesnt seem right cuz they are sooo fucking cheap
  2. Can you give us a link? I assume it comes with a reflector and ballast? And yes, some cheaper version come out without a wire - you have to buy it seperately.
  3. Most cheaper lights come unassembled or are just the socket.

    Check the site better to find out waht your getting for your buck, and how cheap is cheap?

    I found that its MUCH easier to get things locally.

    I couldn't find CRAP for hydro shops around here for the longest time, almost bought off of Ebay, but looked harder and I found a very close hydroshop with as cheap lighting as ebay would have cost me. Just research.

    Or u could go with ebay. High tech Garden Supply is the best light/hydro supplier on ebay, quote me:D They got over 2000 sales with ONE negative feedback. Check it out

  4. i dont know what the site he was talking about but ive found that the cheapest grow systems are from
    you can get 1000W for like 250$$
  5. k so i decided that im going going to buy a kit from ebay but it doesnt come with a bulb so would that website still be alright fro hps bulbs?

    sorry i hvae no expierence with hps
  7. $120 400watt HPS w/ Balast and bulb hooks and chains and shipping :)
    $40 400watt MH conversion bulb

  8. how confidential is all this mail order stuff?,
  9. nvm guys scratch all that but thanks, gettin a 250watt hps with ballast and everything but if i have just a small growbox (50" tall) would this light be too much? i was thnking of makign something so the bulb isnt right over the plants
  10. you should check out the link in my sig. im using a 250W hps and my grow room is 48". flowering 3 plants now, hope that helps.

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