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  2. has grow-lights. its a auction site which gets its inventory from california and a few other state's police department's seized personal items. though ironic to be inadvertently buying from the police, you do find a good deal or two there. Under the gardening category
    Maybe you will find your shit the po' confiscated from you
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  3. That scrog screen is crap it has those big dividers that would bea bitch to train around. all your paying for is a 5 gallon bucket with a screen on top that you cam make for under $20 and that online is $70+ shipping. My advice, get off your lazy ass and make a bubbler with a screen yourself.

    [EDIT: heres a link for making homemade bubblers......:D
  4. Best prices for lights and such... just my opinion. I got my light from them.
  5. ------------------------
    sells all sorts of drip emitters, sprayers, misters, foggers everything.... plus tubing, automation... tons of shit... alot of it isnt really that cheap... but its great stuff none the less...
    this place has tons of growing stuff... nutes, systems, parts, have their own line of chemical ferts, so you can really fine tune what your using... have decent prices except on lights... the lights are a bit expenisve for what they are...
    this place has insanly good prices for the quality or their lights... honestly the best 600w light ive ever had.... (no its not for ganj, i do grow other stuff you know ;))
    all american made...
    tons more light sources...
  6. nice! I was looking high and low on the net for nozles and couldnt find any for a areosprng style rubbermaid salvia op im setting up.
  7. Don't order from ALADDINS LIGHTS or They sent me 2 lights after ordering 1 setup. I've been in discussions with them to get my money back and it's been going on darn near a year. I've been getting promises all the time. Check out for info. Wish I did.

    Picked up a few lights for dirt cheep prices

    Great prices on quiet computer fans.

    These guys have those speaker grill fasteners (great for fasle doors).

  10. they have a wicked grow cabinet, spent $760 all up and received a 20 plant grow cabinet with a 400 MH & 600 watt HPS, a c02 injection system, ducting, fans, mylar, nutrients and everything i need to grow including Mazar and Lionheart seeds.

    Took 6 days to get to me from Canada and shipping price was included in overall cost, was shipped as hot equipment to a freight depot in my city, i then picked it up!
  11. low prices are in italy, but delivery is only in italy???
    Hempatia (lang italian only)

    i know it has already been said, but there is a dude or company on there named "cheaphydro" and they have CHEAP ass hydro systems... search in there store... they have 8 plot systems that include 500 watt lights with reflectors for under $100. They have tons of other shit and deals. check it out!
  13. I typed in "cheaphydro" and found nothing. Can you point me to the right direction?
  14. Well... go to search and type in "hydroponics" you should be able to navigate and look around

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