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  1. this is my first grow EVER ... i have 2 cfl 26w daylight & 2 cfl 27w daylight | regular potting soil

    this first pic was taken on may 26 which was DAY 2 after sprout

    im going to update tomorrow with more pics of the setup + plants =D


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  2. ****UPDATE****
    Day 5 of my grow my main plant looks pretty good .. i took some pics of the setup as well =D the 2nd plant looks ok :hello::hello::hello:

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  3. Very cool man. I like the setup! Bagseed?
  4. what kind of a fan is that? and you dont have a roof on yours?
  5. pc fans ... yeah bagseed , and i have a cap/roof i didnt have it on

  6. How's ur ladies are doing ?
  7. there doing pretty good .. ill do a update tomorrow ..
  8. *** UPDATE ***

    my plants look kinda sad i dunno why ... the leafs r droopey and curling for sum reason also 1 is turning yellowish what can be the cause of this.... im using regular potting soil and watering every 2-3 days with distilled water .. the temperature stays around 80 - 85F i have no clue what the pH is lol .. the other plant looks fine ...

    any suggestions ?

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  9. it looks like just the two little rounded leaves are turning yellow which is fine because those ones fall off, the soil looks like it's far too damp for some reason, check if the pot ur useing has holes in the bottom, if it doesn't then poke some in there for water drainage =D
  10. it looks damp cause i waterted it right b4 i took the pic .. im just worried about the dropey leaves , is tht normal ?
  11. I saw your thread in general indoor growing and came by to check out the pics of the leaves. They don't look too bad, but I see why you're concerned. My plants started out with very slow growth and the leaves began to curl down and yellow. Honestly there were so many variables that could have been the culprit in my case so I went through and fixed all of them.

    In regards to pH I would go out and get a cheap drip pH test kit for a couple bucks. It will really help you get that nailed down. I've been using distilled water and found that the pH was a bit high, a little pH down and that was one problem taken care of.

    Your temperatures are a bit high. I don't know if this solution will work for you, but what I did to bring my temps way down and address another issue I had of low RH, was to buy a small humidifier. It ran me about $30 and was a great purchase. It got my RH up to around 40% and dropped the temps down from low 80s to low 70s. I don't run it any more now that I'm in flower and the RH is about where I want it. My HPS also isn't putting out as much heat as my MH did.

    One other piece of advice, although it may not be applicable yet, is to transplant sooner rather than later (maybe in another week). I think I waited to long to move my seedlings out of their small starter pots as they were pretty root bound, and when I put them into 1 gallons, they really took off.

    Lastly, make sure you're not over watering. 2-3 days seems a bit more frequent than usual. Don't go by the top of the soil, but stick your finger an inch or two down and if it's still moist don't water them. Hope that helps, stick with it, nail down as many variables as possible and your girls should bounce right back better than ever.
  12. sprucegoose, about how many weeks would you say it takes before seedlings should outgrow a solo cup?
  13. when its 4-5 inches tall usually:smoke:

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