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  1. IMG_0048.JPG This is what I'm using rn till I get my lil grow box it a cheap setup I know buh it seems to do the job right now got 300 50 watts of cfl lights in there for two plants with a box fan blowing up at them in my closet If you check my other threads you can see the plants I have in there they 2 weeks old going i on 3
  2. Those are 23w bulbs. How many are you using?
  3. I am using 3 23 watt but they say they 100 equivalent each and the last bulb in the pic is 19 watts I don't know the equivalent for tht bulb though
  4. It's the actual watts that you need not the equivalent when growing with cfl mate

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  5. So that's 85w of usable growing light

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  6. Oh okay thank you I did not know that guess I'll have to buy some new lights soon haha thanks again !
  7. How far u think the plants get before It need more light
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    CFL's start adding up...
    They will veg a plant no problem but you really do need more power (watts) to flower properly.

    Some people (not many) do grow some nice CFL buds no question, but its usually a very time consuming task.

    Look into all in one grow kits. Grow Kit | eBay and Grow Tent Kit | eBay
  9. What's a good decent light for decent price yu would recommend ? I was thinking about getting this 125 watt sunbeam cfl light for 60
  10. i just edited my prev post with a link for some kits.
    if i was u id save my money and buy a kit and go from there.
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  11. Thanks for the help!! I will check your post and check them out
  12. image.jpg I set it up different I now got 2 40 watts bulbs and 2 23 watt bulbs and set it up in the bottom my closet instead the top
  13. Regular light bulbs cant be used for growing...
  14. Just fixed it
  15. If you're looking for the best cheap lights you can get right now check out my thread on the QB120 board in the lighting section. I'm currently running a QB260 board kit in my flower room and it's so bright and so much better then any other light I've seen I know these 120 boards will be the shit. They're only $29 and $18 for a driver.

    Please buy one. Don't plan on growing weed with bulbs. It will never be satisfactory. CFL's are incredibly inefficient. The larger 150 watt bulbs put out about 50 lumens per watt. The leds I'm talking about approach about 200 lumens per watt. There's no comparison. I bought everthing to build two of these lights for $125. It would take you 500 actual watts of CFL to do what these lights can do.
    QB120 Quantum Board
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  16. Nice grow. Had a very similar setup lol. 3 plants. Was about 5 bulbs i think something around 150w in total watt. Took me about 9 weeks. All autos.

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  17. Thanks !! Did they die or what was yur yield?

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