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Cheap grow lights

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by The Growernator, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. What do you blades think is this a good deal? Found this advert. online and am in the market for a 400 watt MH. Never seen this style before. Would these lights be suitable?

    We have 3 MH or HPS 400 watt Cooper Lights. The stamp also says 1000 watt MH and HPS and can be ran at 110 or 220, never tried a 1000 watt bulb to verify but have been told that they will work. And also the ballast lasts forever pretty much. Most or if not all have bulbs, but if using for growing suggest buying new bulbs, and recomend taking the clear lens off for a perfect parabolic hood, 23 " Diamiter, great deal for the price, In the picture you can see the 1000 watt stamp sign to verify, Asking $50.00 for each. (ONLY SERIOUS INQUIRIES!)

  2. should be ok. cant read the details in your picture. i dont believe you can just throw a 1000w bulb in and have it work. you may want to change the hood for a different design. even make your own if your keeping it on a budget.
    another idea for cheap lights is the 250w hps street lights that get knocked down after car accidents or storms. 2 of those will approximately replace a 400 and also give better coverage.
  3. I have that exact set up its a 400w conversion set up it runs a 400w mh but if you run a hps you need to get the 360w bulb I just bought a new hps bulb was only $40. You should get new bulbs if u pick it up though if u want the link just for the bulbs just send me a message. No you cannot run a 1000w on that. The good thing about the light is it.doesn't give of much heat mine are about 8 inches from the hood. Don't go with street lights you can get 150w hps for $70 I have a link forthat too.
  4. the 150 hps is very dim compared to the 250 hps. 1 250w hps beats 2 150w hps. 250W hps is the lowest i would ever reccomend. there was a really good thread on here somewhere that backs me up. and a free 250 definately beats a $70 150. keep an eye out for them when cruising the streets. you'll start finding them easily.
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    I wish my streets had hps bulbs laying around :)

    A 150w bulb is around 16,000 lumens while 250w is around 29,000 lumens. So 2 would be 32,000 lumens which would be using a extra 50w. So they would beat out a single 250w hps but wouldnt be as efficient.

    If you only have one plant 150w should be fine

    Heres a grow under a 150w(not mine) 2oz dry


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