Cheap Fuck needs help

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  1. sounds like a pretty dope little kit for 2oo :smoking:
  2. i found this IOLITE PORTABLE VAPE *NIB* w/ FREE GRINDER | eBay :smoking:
  3. If you smoke more at home I would get a silver surfer over the iolite. If you smoke on the go and want a portable device go iolite.

    I'm quite certain you can get both products on ebay for under or around $200. The surfer is very trusted among vape guru's and you won't have to buy butane refills as it has a ceramic heating element like the evolutions.

    Here is a new one on ebay for $205- come w/ everything plus a free grinder: Make sure you get the American 110v if you buy on ebay bc there are many euro units.

    Either way, you win :bongin:
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  5. I bought a vape for $30 off ebay and it works great....its like having an acrylic bong vs a glass bong....of course one works better...but they both still get you high
  6. Im not a huge fan of whips but i like the 3 year warranty. And yah i dont like to smoke on the guy because im parranoid of cops. So many choices so much research so little time
  7. Iolite has warranty too
  8. Didn't even read all I wanna say is a little lesson in life.. don't be a cheap fuck. Even if you're broke, just save up and wait. Quality things are well worth it in life
  9. Well i dont even know if i like vaporizers ive only done a volcano once and it was superb one bag and i passed out. And i heard mflb are as efficient but thats hard to beleive
  10. Get what suits you best, brother blade. Everyone has their personal preferences.

    I felt the same way about whips when I started vaping, but I changed my tune. I don't enjoy systems that fill up a bag because they used 'forced' air with a fan system to blow the bag up. The forced air will distort the taste of the weed.

    I had a volcano and enjoyed that large bag to get reefed on. But, after a while I found I often had trouble consuming a whole bag by myself. It was good for social smoking, but by yourself, if you don't inhale off the filled balloon quickly, the vapors cool and the substance sticks to the bags making them very sticky, and frankly its a pain in the ass to peel apart and reuse. Whips are easy to use, easy to clean, you can take a hit whenever you please, and one uses his own breath to take a hit, thus no distorted taste from forced air.
  11. I might get an ssv from my favorite reggae bands websit then. It comes with an ssv a shirt a cd a hoodie 2 shot glasses.
  12. cheap and quality generally never go together..
    hope this helps.
  13. as long as it's pretty eh people will buyy it

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