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  1. :wave:Hey i was looking for some of the cheapest vapes on ebay and i found this: New Digital Vaporizer Herb Vaporizer + Free Whip US | eBay im not a big fan of whips is their anyway i could get a bag to replace it? And does it still conserve more green then a bong even though its not name brand? anyone have experience with these? Oh yah i am a cheap fuck and im not gonna spend more then $50 on a vape. Just wanted to get one to see if i like vaping every day
  2. i had one of those. pretty crap if you ask me.
  3. I can honeslty say that I'm an incredibly, not cheap, but conservative person and like my money to go toward things that I will benefit from :rolleyes:..That being said I feel like buying a vape changed my fucking life for the better and if your really gonna buy one its worth throwing in the the extra money (in my opinion) get what you pay for bro..good luck
  4. otherwise i have a shitty spoon...whats the cheapest quality vape?

  5. magic flight launch box
  6. I got a used iolite on eBay for 80 and it's amaaaaazzzzzing. I know it being used sounds gross. But it came with a new mouth piece, which are very cheap. And I alcohol cleaned it very well. Best smoking device I now own. Don't buy cheap shit, stick to name brand
  7. Just keep in mind a cheap vape will be dead within 3 months and is made as cheaply as possible with the worst components possible.

    In the long run you will save $ if you just buy a nice one right off the bat like da buddha. If you don't like it you can sell it to someone and get most of your money back. When that cheap vape craps out... its just $ down the drain. If you can get it cheap enough it might be worth it as an experiment I guess if you are really not sure.

    You can only use a bag on vapes that have a fan/forced air system. The vape you are looking at doesn't have that.
  8. those things look weird but ill look into more. any other suggestions?

  9. what he said, if you can get an iolite for cheap do eet
  10. Agreed, if you really want a vape, save a good amount of money up. You'll end up just wasting your money on a shitty one then having to get another one down the road
  11. Ok im going with mflb or iolite. who votes for which?
  12. Don't buy of POS vaporizer, you will pay for it many times over. Save and buy a nice one.

    Notable vapes, from cheapest to most expensive: Iolite, Vapir 5.0, Silver Surfer, Volcano, Evolutions v7 (my current vape :D)
  13. I just got the launch box and it is FUCKING AMAZING, if you get some powerex 2700 batteries it will be even better and give you more of a numbing body high imo. The vapor genie is about 50 at my LHS my friend had it and he said its good but not as good as the launch box. I've never tried the iolite, but i heard it is also good.

  14. tl;dr im cheap to, but i believe you get what you pay for
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    Thats a good deal. Iolites are amazing for the money. I got mine for $200 and it came with 2 cans of butane, a $40 grinder, a whip and the optimizer.
  16. got a pic of evolutions?
  17. [​IMG]


    It beat out the volcano at the HTC for best product several years in a row :smoking:
  18. I vote Iolite. Butane refills is cheap. Way better burn than electric vapes. Very small and concealable... Which makes taking it places simple. In stores they run about 200. eBay you can get a new one for like 120. And like I said, I found a used one for 80 and it works like new.

    And it gets me higher than any other piece I own
  19. I think new would be best bet for a vape i dont trust people. Thanks for your input
  20. You can still buy new ones on eBay... Saves a chunk of money rather than buying from the shops. I researched a lot before I chose iolite for my first vap. I have no regrets

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