Cheap/First Bubbler

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  1. So yea, I've been stoppin in this headshop down the street for me once in a while because I've been tossing around the idea of trying out a glass piece of some sort. I'm mainly a joint/blunt guy, and have never owned a water piece. So here's my first, unfortunately I'm out of green till sometime this week, so I can't say how well it hits, but it was fun looking and caught my eye while I was high at the time for some reason.

    Someone will probably name it whenever I get a session going on it.
    Thought I'd share, because I'm high and have nothing better to do.
  2. Looks nice, reminds me of orange soda lol.
  3. thats a pretty tight piece... how much???
  4. nice scoop man;
    reminds me of orange and cream candies. but i hated those.
    but im sure id love that bubbler haha:smoking:
  5. I had one just like that with a different color scheme. It was probably my favorite thing I ever owned to smoke out of. Very reliable and very easy to tote.
  6. that thing looks great! did you order it online or get it at a headshop?
  7. not bad man!
  8. Local headshop..after living here for a few months I just found out that I have TWO headshops within a few blocks of my place. For whatever reason I'm having a hard time finding bud around here though, should be easier once it's nicer out(I HOPE!).

    It makes me think about Nemo now that I look at it, but that's entirely too cheesy :p
  9. you should name it Kenan and Kel...

  10. haha, yea that looks exactly like mine except mine was yellow with red spirals his name was sherbert :'(
  11. It's the Dreamsicle.
  12. I do, I do, I DOO-HOOOO!
  13. haha, nemo:D

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