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Cheap DIY LED grow light

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by dutch smoker, May 21, 2017.

  1. Hey guys,
    my first post on gc :)

    Recently I have made my own pc case grow and am currently 1 month in.
    Now the grow lights I used, unlike many other setups, were LED chips ($1.70 per 10W chip).
    10W 20W 30W 50W 100W 380NM-840NM Full Spectrum High Power LED Chip Grow Light

    I have five 10W chips running. So 50W potential, and probably running at an actual wattage of 30-40W.
    Each LED is powered by a constant current regulator which is connected to a power supply.

    Total costs for this lighting system is around 33 euros.

    So to be honest I have not seen anyone do a grow with these lights before, so this is sort of an experiment.

    Do you guys think these lights will be strong enough to make my lady flower ;) ?
    Does anyone have experience with these lights?

    Here are some pictures: I'll start with the LED's and then (i apologize for my shitty camera)

    I seem to be having some sort of deficiency. I'm growing with Biobizz soil, and initially planned using no nutrients. When I saw this I went to the store and picked up some basic nutrients (hopefully they'll get healthy again)

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  2. Good on you man, I am sooooo interested in this exact type of setup. Led tech so crazy fast changing. I have heard great things, hope your results are satisfactory!
  3. Thats a badass stealth box! I made a diy light using the 10w chips from Amazon. I have 36 of them on 4 x 18" aluminum square stock w/ laptop cooling fan and inserted vinyl tubing to run cold water thru. I have them running off 2 power supplys been running them for almost 2 months now with no problem. Awesome growth. i also added a pic before i added in the cooling system. Ive modded it a cpl times. These are older pics. Hope it's cool to post a cpl pics for reference

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  4. There was even one US based vendor that used the bulb standard fixture mounts so you could get your own bulb configs but have their reliable circuitry and boxes. I liked that design idea, to be able to swap out LEDs from the big box retailers using the screw in or prong mount. I'll see if I can find their info and a link. Seemed more cost efficient than buying a box with built in leds or trying to aggravate myself doing solder work again, haha.
  5. This, (Best LED Grow Light SPECTRUM) mind you my research was cursory at the time, I was just trying to find something between what old tech was and new. I like your tubing coolant! It is actually funny because at a cannbuisness semenar I saw old school buisness dudes selling induction lights that were super expensive (service plan all that) and when I asked them about led or florescent they just said, we use induction like Edison, its inductions... to which I was not impressed but the investors may have been...
  6. Looks very nice bro, much better wattage too :D
    Are you running them straight off the power supply (no current regulator?)?

    And how did you attach the LED's to the aluminium, I dont see any screws?
    My entire grow case is actually put together with duct tape and zip ties (my lights too) because I had minimum tools available.
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  7. Yeah man,
    I'm really hoping these lights are good, would be nice since they are super cheap
    If it goes well I might consider making a stronger/bigger light :p
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  8. Thanks bro. They r both running straight off the 12v power supply one is 203w with 20 chips the other is 175w with 16 chips hooked to that. I used artic silver thermal adhesive. They hold on pretty nicely. I believe the power supply has a regulator in it. They r 10w 12v chips. 12v power supply
  9. Quick update,
    As my plants grew I felt the lights were too close to the plants, thus (in a hurry) i made sure the LED's were hanging higher up in the case.
    Now, idiot me didn't attach them properly and they fell on my plants. Check the damage here:
    I hope they will be ok.

    I had to leave them alone for a few days, so decided to make my case a bit nicer again. I'll give another update on Sunday to see if the plant was able to recover from the damage.

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  10. Looks like they took the hits like a champ!
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  11. They should be fine. I had the same thing happen. Lost 3 bud stems but she is making up for it. Pc box is looking good
  12. I have a question. I have to finish this grow within 1 month. Do you guys think thats possible?
  13. Same thing happened to me. Ended up building mine in an old closet as per these guys handy tips. Far safer light set up now ;)

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