Cheap DIY crankshaft style light mover idea....

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by snappahead, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I have been wanting to make a light mover for a small area. I found a video of a guy using an oscillating fan to move a light and set one up myself. It does work but i'm not sure how long this setup will last.

    So I got an idea of using a small geared motor off ebay, something like this 2rpm motor. drilling and tapping a bar with a setscrew, then putting a pin on the bar with a linkage to the grow light. Basically making a rotating bar off the motor to move the light say 6" in each direction. (The same idea as a piston rod on a crankshaft)

    I don't know how one of these little units would hold out but I think I'll give one a try.
    370 Worm Geared High Torque Motor Transmission Motor Turbine DC 12V 2-100RPM SG | eBay
  2. six inch effort ..?

    not for me

    you gotta make the deal work and still be useful

    even if you get it to 18 - 24 inches

    now that could be useful

    good luck
  3. 6" each direction would be 12" of travel. But at 2rpm I would imagine the little motor would have quite a bit of torque to swing a light maybe even further. For $8 I'm not expecting Too much, I'll let you know how it works in about 3 months when I get it from China :)
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