Cheap Chinese vaporizer and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

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    Hey all, just wanted to share my story regarding cheap Chinese vaporizers.

    I made the bad choice of buying Chinese knock off eBay vaporizers (3 of them in a 3 year period) and I developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or Heavy Metal Toxicity for those interested the Social Security Administration recognizes this illness under Environmental Illness

    After using a cheap knockoff for about 3 years one day I woke up with random sharp pain in both sides of my temples. Then I developed heart palpitations and extreme lethargy. Any sort of activity like walking or going up stairs would send my heart skyrocketing. Before this I was able to do everything in my life with no issue. I used to work out a lot. I have a problem with scented products and now everything in my life has to be scent free. I also have to be on a specific diet that doesn't upset my stomach.

    I fully believe that inhaling toxic compounds from a cheap Chinese knockoff vaporizer led me to my condition. As it takes a while for the toxic metals or compounds to build up in your system before you get a fully pronounced problem.

    I've seen many doctors and had many tests performed to find out what it is, but none of them can really give me an answer. After reading some posts about the cheap Chinese knockoff vapes, I am going to get myself tested for lead or mercury poisoning, as well as check to see if my body is producing mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are produced as a result of having a mold infection or mold toxicity. I smoked all sorts of different kinds of bud from many different sources. I'm afraid its either a problem with mold or the cheap vapes I used.

    I know I made a bad mistake, there was not as much information about vapes and their safety back when I started to use one. I was an early adopter of vaporizers, thinking they'd be better for my health. In retrospect I think I should have just stuck to smoking out of a nice piece of glass and waited for safely made vaporizers. But as they say hindsight is 20/20.

    There are way more resources now than there were years ago when I started to use one, back in 2005. There was not much info on vaporizer safety years ago and sadly it didn't even cross my mind that the vaporizer I saved money on would be so bad for my health. If I had to do it over, I'd have saved my money and bought the safest one to use, obviously. I hope that my mistakes keeps others from getting burned.

    Sure you'll save money on a knock off but you'll pay much more in health related bills and life problems than you would by buying one that uses non toxic parts. Has anyone else experienced similar health problems after using the Chinese knockoff vapes? Anyone develop migraines? Or digestive problems? Or even cardio vascular problems?
  2. Soooo sorry to hear what you're going through but sooooo thankful that you posted this. I have been warning people about these types of vapes for years here.
  3. Damn, I'm really sorry to hear about that man. I hope you're able to deal with any complications you may have and still live a long happy life. Thank you very much for posting, hopefully this thread will help a lot of people out.
  4. Wow this that sounds pretty awful.

    What about more 'popular' vaporizers? Like the MFLB? Have they been proven to be completely safe from issues like these?

  5. I wish I had read up on something before using one back in 2005. That was so long ago. I only joined this forum in 2008.

  6. Thanks for the good wishes. My life is extremely hard. I used to go out a lot with friends, co-workers and girls. Now I have a hard time doing that because if someone wears perfume or cologne I get a migraine that lasts 3-4 hours.

    It's hard to hold a job and its hard to explain to people the condition as well. I still hope that somehow with the help of doctors I can find some kind of cure or fix. Although I've been like this for 4 years now and it hasn't changed at all.

  7. The MFLB should be fine. Any vapes that are made in the US, Canada or Europe or vapes outsourced to China but with strict QC and oversight by a parent company in the US, Canada or Europe, are subject to pretty strict manufacturing processes when it comes to possible health issues.

    Be that as it may, it is still wise to question ANY manufacture when it comes to your health.
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    I'm sorry I don't have much info on the MFLB unit. I have read up on vaporizers like the Vapolution, Da Buddha, Silver Surfer, Light Saber and Extreme Q. I hear these are some of the best ones to have. Correct me if I'm wrong though, anyone out there.

  9. From my experience, the closer you can get to an all glass vapor path, the healthier a vaporizer will be. Those that don't better prove to me that they are RoHS compliant.
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    Yeah it makes perfect and logical sense now. I feel like one of those workers that lost a limb(s) back in the day working at some factory without OSHA safety regulations.

    It seems like the further we move into the future the more people consider different safety measures even more.

    I heard the Extreme Q vaporizer is RoHS compliant.
  11. What is a Chinese vaporizer??

    Maybe that's what mine is. It has no brand on it anywhere.
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    Usually they're pretty cheap, they are sold on eBay, some local headshops carry them too though. By cheap I mean $35-65 range.

    When you open them up brand new they tend to smell like fresh paint. They generally don't have aeration holes on the heating element and draw the air from the electronics board underneath.

    They're usually the wooden box kind where you put the whip up on them.
  13. This.

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  14. Mine looks a lot like that but it's black plastic. It has a dial on it so you can set the temp.
    It works well.

    What do I need to look for on the heating element?
  15. We need to do something about these fucks over in china selling all sorts of poison to us. The childrens toys w/ lead in them, fake titanium nails, shitty vapes that have caused someone a serious illness. They DGAF about consumer safety, fuck those damn communists
    Im very sorry to hear about your problems op, my best wishes go out to you
  16. How do you know if it is poisonous or not. How do we know American made ones or thought to be American made aren't poisonous either.
  17. We can see the materials used, and they're often documented and tested up to certain temps.

    For example, on the Buddha, you KNOW there's nothing else in there because you can see every single inch of the airpath. You see it enter a glass hole, travel past an inert documented ceramic heating element encased in glass, and then through your glass wand and down your medical grade silicone tubing, rated over twice the temperature of combustion.

  18. Thanks for your kind comments. I fully agree with you, something needs to be done.

    I have only myself to blame though. That's what I get for being cheap. I was trying to save some money and ended up paying more anyway.

    I spoke to a friend of mine who bought a vape around the same time I did and he paid $200 for his at the time, but his was made by VaporWarez. I looked them up and here is what they claim:

    "VaporWarez units come with a limited 5 year warranty on everything but the glass. All VaporWarez glass is made in the USA from Pyrex and VaporWarez boxes are constructed from Thai Teakwood."

    His unit had a ceramic heating element and airflow holes on the heating element. Although some people have a problem with metal screens and ceramic and I know there are way better clear path glass on glass vapes these days, at least he has yet to get sick from using it.

  19. Couldn't have said it any better. I love my Da Buddha because it gives such tasty vapor and it's incredibly efficient for it's price. Sure, there's better vapes out there but you can get a DBV for about $150ish? $160 I think if you're getting it from a "licensed seller." :D

    OP, I'm really sorry you had to go through this. :(
  20. Should I stop using it? It has a screen on the front of the heating element so I am assuming there's airflow.

    Underneath is says 5 year warranty on the ceramic heating element.

    It also says Made in China :mad:

    I got it at LHS

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