cheap cars that come from the factory with a supercharger?

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  1. I know some mini coopers do, and those are good little cars not gonna lie. what else is out there?
  2. terminators (03/04 cobras) You can pick those up pretty cheap compared to what they were when they came out. I think my dealership sold one for like $12k for a supercharged 430hp (it's actually more, ford had to rate it at that) I think some dyno at 430whp, I could be wrong. It's a deal.
  3. Colbalt ss comes stock supercharged and is cheap...never driven one though
  4. ^^^ Oh yeah those are pretty badass too
  5. cobalt ss is shit

    maybe its just the platform, but i hated driving it. i don't want more than 100hp in a FWD car.
  6. Pontiac GTP- its a super charged V6 2 or 4 door
  7. this.

    i fucking love the terminator. :cool:
  8. some older pontiac bonnevilles do. The grandprix. Cobalt SS's, and MINI's are fun :)
  9. best bang for your buck is a '87-'89 toyota mr2 sc, stock 145hp to the crank. You can pick up one in decent condition for 2-3k. I have an '87 n/a though so i may be a little biased :rolleyes:.
  10. talking just superchargers or turbos too? cause you'll have a better chance of finding cheaper turbos
  11. yeah i know turbos would be easier to find. i just love the whine of a supercharger..
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    [ame=""]YouTube- Mini Cooper S 1st Gear[/ame]

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  15. thats funny that guy said he wouldnt want more than 100hp in a FWD car...FWD cars are setting records on the drag strip these days buddy, maybe you should check it out sometime.BMW isnt the best car out for yer info.

    back on topic, the scion tc's have a supercharged edition that puts out like 200 horsepower at 6,200 rpm
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    [ame=]YouTube - Cobra mustang 0-160 mph[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube- Loud Ass Supercharger[/ame]
  17. doesnt look stock at all though, the op is askin for a stock car..
  18. yeah i know, the first vid is a kenne bell cobra, the second one was just a pullied eaton i think

    the mods for these cars are cheap as fuck, $2,000 worth of bolt ons can give it 500rwhp
  19. 2k worth of bolt ons for 500 hp? yea but think about how much hp can the stock internals handle before you break something crucial. most stock engine blocks can only hold 100-200 hp more than they come from the factory with.

    forced induction is a cheap and kinda sketchy way to gain horsepower, especially if your not worried about toughening up the internals. One faulty turbine can screw up your whole engine. Just gotta make sure you got a stable set up.
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    turbos are more gas efficient and make more boost thru the power band. superchargers only give you max boost at redline. if youre dead set on a supercharged car, you can get a corrado SLC. they only make like 170-190hp from the factory, but some bolt ons, tune, and a pulley would do wonders for it. its just FWD though so you may not like that, but it really handles like a RWD car unless you have the gas to the floor throughout the turn. only thing i have to warn you about is that those cars are temperamental. you never know if its going to give you trouble.

    theyre more like $18k+ and they put 390 to the wheels.

    SURE the FWD cars set records, FWD records. FWD's do not launch like rwd or awd cars and are a pain in the ass to keep traction if you make over like 250-300whp. why do you think all the hondaboys only run from rolls unless theyre packing some slicks and aftermarket axles? tire spin, wheel hop, and axle snappage.

    and for YOUR info, a local guy here runs 25psi on a 50 trim turbo on a stock original unopened 2.7L BMW from 1986, making 400whp and running 12's blowing his tires off.

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