cheap but effective nutrients for a soil grow

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  1. gonna go ff on the soil, thinkin about using their line for nutes as well but always looking for cheaper, effective alternatives, from ur guys exp. what has worked well w/ you, nutes u would consider bargans and where did u buy it from........round here its roughly 14-16 bucks for a quart of each nute for ff
  2. well your going down the right road. I use fox farm soil and i use grow big for soil for vegative growth. with results that sound more like a extendz commercial. i also have there tripack for flowering 3 1lb jars I can say that they will last you a few years with very good results
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    Check this cheap stuff out...$5/bag and it will last for a looong long time...chemical based, definitely NOT organic..

    Shop BETTER-GRO Orchid Plus Fertilizer at

    not the best, for sure, but it does well and I have not burned a single plant with it yet (only using 1/4 - 1/2 dose). They have a "bloom booster" variety as well. The N-P-K numbers are pretty spread out, but I haven't noticed any problems other than those caused by the soil/PH here and there. However it uses only ammonia nitrogen, not urea...haven't noticed major issues with that, though. Packed with all micronutrients as well.

    Had two successful, enjoyable harvests using nothing but this line of nutes...the end product was a bit harsh due to not flushing out the chemicals, so make SURE you flush well.
  4. If you arnt worried about chemicals which i dont really see a need to be during veg and also the first few weeks of flowering until it comes closer to the time of harvest i would suggest Peters 20-20-20 for veg and Schultz or Scotts Bloom Plus for flowering, i believe its 15-50-30 or so, somewhere in that range. Both are fairly cheap for a good ammount, $5-15 for each one and it will last you a couple grows.
    I would really suggest fox farms though...:cool:
  5. If you want cheap, go for generic Miracle Gro/Scotts/Schultz brands, you don't need anything special like Fox Farm, all nutrients are pretty much the same.

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